5 Books + 1 to come.

5 Books + 1 to come.

5 Books + 1 to come. 1600 1319 Keir Tayler

In March 2018, both Callie and I felt impressed it was time to write more books about our lives and how our Lord has been so merciful to us. This has been a rich time as I have had to spend up to 5-6hrs a day for 18 months in the word setting up the chapters and writing it the way the Holy Spirit has wanted it.

The first book as you know we wrote was six years ago called “A Weapon in His Hand”. Our life story using the Ephesians 6 armor of God as a theme. Janet Rodriguez co – wrote it for us.

In the last week of Nov 2019 we managed to finish another five books. It has taken all this time to complete them and the final chapter was done.

– One book is on “Q&A on Divine Healing”. This is an attempted to help people find answers to questions on Divine Healing. Healing can be so hurtful and confusing to the sick one as they sometimes wonder why good things don’t happen quickly so I thought it only fair to try and answer some of the questions we are always asked. Gordon Lindsay who started Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas Texas, wrote a magazines called, ‘The Voice of Healing’. He had articles in his magazine answering questions people were asking back in and around 1946 in the Great Healing Awakening. These questions are not new and have been asked before.

– The next book is “The Royal Physician”. This is solid word on Divine Healing. From personal experience and what I have witnessed first-hand in ministry is displayed in this book as proof of testimony to equip, encourage and empower others. It is presented on the Word of truth first, then the Equipping of gifts to action and finally Empowering to do. What I have written is testimony-truth manifested so it is living proof of what Callie and I have seen Him do. Our heart is that by the time anyone has read this book they are healed. So “Q&A on DH” and this book are companion books.

“The Apostolic Evangelist” 2nd Edition. We then felt to write a book on the Evangelist and Evangelism. It is a book on how an evangelist would operate in an apostolic team, which is the way Callie and I have conducted our lives and calling, hopefully like Philip. It helps to clarify exactly what a true 5-fold government gift of an evangelist is to the world and to the church. There is also instruction in practical areas to help evangelists: what open-air equipment is needed, how to preach to wild, unsaved, demon-possessed and atheists, as well as how to prepare for an open-air event. Finally the Powerful Gospel Message, moving in the signs and wonders, gifts operating in five fold gifting teams to the churches by equipping saints.

– “Sword Oil and Fire” The companion book to “The Apostolic Evangelist” (Sword – word; Oil – anointing; Fire – His presence.) As the Apostolic Evangelist is a demonstration in action, this next book SOF is about the manifestations of power. In over 43 years of ministry from the first miracle I ever saw in 1978 until 2020, are some of the recorded and explained healing’s, signs and wonders that Callie and I have seen in our lifetime. Not all are recorded as I have forgotten so many. This book is designed to and will help people grow in the word, anointing and gifting, and we believe is a good tool for evangelists and other ministries.

All 5 will are up on Kindle and Amazon.
Our heart is to share what we have learnt and experienced for the benefit of others. Evangelists are the primary gift used to plant churches.
We read in Acts 8:3-14 that the word was received from the evangelist first, then the apostolic and prophetic was sent. I believe evangelists need to be in every Connect group, Conference, Seminar, Equip, Summit, Every church plant, plan, every outreach event, rallies and some Sunday and midweek meetings and … week-long meetings. If there is a gift ministry needed now it is this one – the Evangelist.
When people get saved there will be churches planted, but if we are focused on church planting will people be saved? I believe it is a time for this gift to awaken and a call to every church to embrace, endorse, release and recognise this now.

In 2019 three churches were planted in a week. Working with, in and outside apostolic team. This year the one church grew from 150 to over 1000. Reason: a woman was brought to the meeting in a wheel-barrow on the second night of a crusade (2019) and after the meeting she walked home. One miracle awakened the city.
We will not recognise and cannot predict the horizon for 2023 because there is change. But one thing is for sure – people are lining the horizon.

All of the above is for the church to arise into its full potential power, impact and influence. I hope these books would be helpful to you all in the ways they are designed to be.
Please use them, endorse them, release them so the King can come back.
The books are a resource reference of practically tested years of ministry (not all mine) and are not theory. For these to be a reference for what we do in the future is the right way round instead of trying to teach this without a good reference base.

A 6th book, which will be on leadership, is also being penned! I can’t wait to share this with you later as well! “Stallion Riders”.