5-Fold Teaming.

5-Fold Teaming.

5-Fold Teaming. 150 150 Keir Tayler

How does an Evangelist work with local churches and local churches with Evangelists?
This is dealt with in question and answer format.

  1. An evangelist must have a ‘home-base or local church’ to which he and his family belong to.
  2. That local church must recognize, endorse and release the gift he/she is to the churches. He/she is an Eph 4:11 gift to “the church” world wide, locally and trans-locally.
  3. The evangelist may/may not be an elder in the local church he belongs to yet must walk in the qualifications required of an elder. His character must be exemplary.
  4. An evangelist is a translocation gift to the church.
  5. The evangelist should have times of refreshing in the local church to be ministered to. They are not above local-church leadership.
  6. When traveling to a local church/s, near or far, he comes in under the authority of the local elder-ship to serve and  equip that church.
  7. An evangelist should travel with a team, never alone.

Two things essential an evangelist should do in ministry:

  • Training of national workers.
  • Equip the local church to evangelize.
    • An evangelist brings revival to the church; so that evangelism can go from the church
    • The experience within – results in the expression without.

How long should an open-air event take?

  • A minimum of 7 days, or better –
  • 15 weeks of 3 services a day:
    • am. sessions done by national/local ministers. (they need to be a different five-fold gift to the evangelist as this builds the church)
    • pm. meeting done by evangelist.

How long before campaign should one prepare?

  • 3 months before campaign notification was given:
  • Notify all churches, in that specific area, regardless of denomination.
  • Looked for local church workers and train them, in how to handle new believers and campaign format.

When did you commence your advertising?

  • Through the participating churches for campaign – 3 months before.
  • 2 days before the launch, advertised in:
    • newspapers.
    • Radio.Hand-bills,
    • loud – hailer on the streets.
    • Local Mayor, Town Clerk to be involved/to open first evening.

Where do you have the meetings?

  • Meetings held in an open field within city limits, so there is easy access by all.
  • Or meetings were done initially in a neutral venue (non church) until the venue became too small, then we moved to open-air.

What caused growth in your meetings?

  • Miracles, Healing’s, deliverance’s and salvation’s.
  • Healing’s were broadcasted over the radio.
  • Enthusiasm of the people also contributed.
  • Testimonies were frequently shared publically at every meeting if possible.

How did you handle new converts:

  • Cards were left on a table – those who were sure of salvation – freely came and filled them in.
  • The gospel calls to salvation were clear, intentional, specific leaving no doubt.
  • Every night salvation and healing was given to people to respond to.
  • The gospel message is clear “bugle”, to awaken communities.
  • Cards came in often from as many as 70 different towns.

How did you keep in touch with the people?

  • Toward the end of a month, we rented buildings in different sections of the city, to house the people for meetings as numbers grew. (parishes or site-churches).
  • We placed pastors/leaders in charge of these centers.
  • Those living in the locality of the new centers were encouraged to go to them.
  • Pastors and congregants visited the people. Acts 2:52
  • Pastors/congregants conducted meetings every morning.
  • This was so we had dozens of morning meetings along-side the one campaign meeting at night.

What has been the end results?

  • Instead of one church of 60 members we had centers of +60.
  • Of 11 churches we had 2500 in attendance weekly and a weekly increase.
  • Churches were planted in the city in different locations – up to 6 at a time, and others started in other towns.
  • Each center/site church in the end became autonomous.
  • This placed a huge demand to raise leaders, so one of the daily meetings (see below) were specifically for training leaders*.
  • These potential leaders came from that specific community we had a center in and they were trained. Ac 14:21-23

What were the problems?

  • We needed to rent a large facility as a rallying point and for continued campaigns.
  • The lack of trained workers and pastors are slowing us down and for continued campaigns.
  • The harvest is ‘white’ but laborers few.
  • In events like this, often the community churches find it difficult to agree to work together, for such an event.

Can you give an outline of a day or week at one of those ‘Campaigns’.

This is not a new method but has a model with Jesus and the apostles as seen in: Mt 4:23; 9:35 Ac 8:4-8, 14:21-23

E.G. “26-30 Nov 1955. 8th Annual Voice of Healing Conference. Held at Angelus Temple, Los Angeles.”

Services daily at a campaign shared by many leaders. No one came to build their own ministry but to exalt, Jesus the Head of His Church.

  • 9:30 am Prayer for the meetings.
  • Session 1    11 am        Faith Clinic.
  • Session 2   14.00 pm Holy Spirit Rallies. ‘Spiritual Gifts and how to respond to them’
  • Session 3   17:50 pm  Missionary Testimonies. Leadership training*.
  • Session 4   1900pm   Open-Air power evangelism.

These values were emphasized by all.

  • Consecration services.
  • Healing the sick and save souls were paramount.
  • People were encouraged to stand by their pastors and local churches.
  • Equip people to teach and edify the church and win souls.
  • Faith in God’s word and His purpose on earth.

We have been doing this in different nations for 20 years. Should you want this in your area, immediately contact us. Revival is in the air.