Creative Miracle.

Creative Miracle.

Creative Miracle. 4032 3024 Keir Tayler

I found this story which has never printed, but remembered by those who were there. Dr. Roy Hicks told this to someone who happened to talk about it and this is what I heard:

Robert Semple and Aimee were newly married and were traveling the USA raising finances before traveling to India as missionaries. One weekend, the pastor of the church they were in asked Aimee to do the morning service. She agreed. The church was about 50 in number. She prayed about what she was to minister on that Sunday and the Holy Spirit said to her, “I want to do a creative miracle today”.  Aimee new to ministry and only 18yrs old, did not have years of experience, and notes for sermons. So she had to rely heavily on the Holy Spirit.

That morning she said to the congregation, “I believe God wants to do a creative miracle here today … if there is anyone here wanting a creative miracle?” No one came forward. She had the church continue to worship. She paused the worship a couple of times saying, “I am not doing anything more, because our Master wants to do something special today.” They continued to worship.

It was about an hour into the service when a man from the back of the church came forward carrying a blanket.

He approached Aimee, who was now sitting on the steps of the pulpit area, and placed the blanket on her lap. He said, “I didn’t know you meant this kind of a miracle?” and stepped back. Aimee unfolded the blanket to reveal a very deformed baby. The head was totally out of shape with no eyes or sockets. There were ‘flippers’ for arms and legs. Aimee gently placed the blanket on the platform saying, “Jesus you are such a wonderful Healer”. And they continued to worship for 30 mins.

During the worship she saw transparent – hands come and gently mould the mis-shapen head into perfection. Then  two whirl-pools come over the eye sockets and created  two perfect eyes. The arms then slowly come from the shoulders and legs from the pelvis and all the time the transparent hands moved artistically almost dramatically in each area. Finally she handed the new child back to the parent. Aimee was only 18 yrs old.

Most of the Voice of Healing evangelists had seen amazing miralces and healings. A.A.Allen, W.Branham and Jack Coe being some of the for-runners of this move of God. When adding up their number of miracles to a total figure, it came to about half of what Aimee Semple McPherson saw in her ministry.