No. 1 Pet Shop vs National Park.

No. 1 Pet Shop vs National Park.

No. 1 Pet Shop vs National Park. 150 150 Keir Tayler

As a young teenager I had a friend named Martin who had a mongoose for a pet. As young boys growing up in the Rhodesian bush we all at sometime found an animal to ‘raise’. The farms were full of wild life. I use to love going to his farm to play with the mongoose, called Ricky We would watch Ricky play with the domestic cats. His speed was amazing and most times the cats would retreat into a cupboard or hide as they would become fearful. So we would then go out and be busy scratching around under rocks and stumps looking for grubs, insects a juicy morsel’s for him to devour. The best was watching him dismantle a scorpion. He would circle around the creature scratching the dirt in excitement being very wary of its tail. The scorpion would face off the mongoose, two claws up in defence, tail arched over its head ready for the driving lunge to embed the sting into a tender part of its foe.
The little fellow grew and became more aggressive and would take off from Martins home into the surrounding bush regularly as his domain expanded and he became more confident. Ricky finally returned to the wild but would often return & be seen close to Martin’s house.

One day I walked into a Pet Shop. It not only had the goods for domestic pets of all kinds but had fish tanks, birds, puppies, hamsters, rabbits and many other kinds of reptiles, spiders and more. The shelves were lined with seeds and grains and also a whole area dedicated to manufactured foods for the pets. Not only that but ‘entertainment’ toys for different pets. You can imagine the range just for dogs. It was amazing what has been thought up for these animals. At the one side was a protected area cordoned off by high wire and a locked gate. Inside that area was small wild animals. Among the cages were a couple of mongoose. They were young and reminded me of Ricky. They were restless in a confined cage. Their food was manufactured cubes of some kind, in different colors in a bowl next to the water bottle. I immediately thought – these are super carnivore’s, born to be wild, they should not be in such a place.

I was teaching some pastors deep in the bush in Africa. There I made an application to all of the above. I began my message …
“In the big city there are stores of all different kinds, which sell everything we need to live. They even have stores for domesticated pets like dogs, cats, rabbits etc. You can buy them for your family. Here we don’t have that. Pets are not important because everything you have here is for survival. There are pet shop owners and there are the pets. But sometimes our churches become like a pet shop. There are different people in the church. I hope your church is not like a pet shop. If it is you feed them the gospel like the pet shop. You keep the congregation in cages – like a pet shop. You run seminars like a pet shop has different food for different pets. It is all packaged and ready. All pre-planned and pre-packed and measured out. You buy or listen to Bishop So snd So’s pre-packaged set of sermons, or Prophet Rev. So and So; and you feed your pet congregation a formula. They hear their echo in your mouth, its not your message, its a pre-packed preach, pastors. All your congregations are in the church shop, all kept safe they have to conform to the shop cage of rules you have set up so they don’t wander off and get lost. They almost have to pay you to be in your pet-shop church. Pet shop owners invite other pet shop owners to come and advise them about the cheapest food to give, size of cages and the fastest selling pets to make a profit.

But there are some pet people in your church who want to get out of the caged community of conformity they are in. They are not rebellious, they cannot be tamed, they don’t all belong in your pet shop church looked alike, looked after by the pet shop pastor-owner! They are born to be free.
There is a rodent but it is known by another name. It can live with other rodents, like mice and also rabbits. But it never settles down to ‘normal’ life. This rodent is a called a mongoose. It is a hunter and they hunt in packs. They are not to be kept in the confines and rules of caged life where it is is safe and protected. They cannot live in safety. The pet shop owners, pet shop pastors, don’t know what to do with them. They are a threat to the whole shop.
The mongoose is differentiated by one well known fact from all pets. It is known world wide by this fact and is highly respected for the danger it always finds itself at home with. It is a life threatening danger – one …. one wrong move, and it is fatal. The mongoose is known as … a snake killer. It is a born snake killer. Put a mongoose in front of a snake and it knows exactly what to do. It is born for this. It is not born to eat precooked sermons in a church pet shop. It destroys the threat to society. If a snake gets loose in a pet shop – release the mongoose – your problem is over!

The mongoose needs to be released into a National Game Reserve, where other animals roam wild. The world is wild. The mongoose can roam together peacefully destroying snakes when necessary. Like a missionary, like the five – fold ministry, like the believer of Christ; born to be wild, to destroy the works of the devil. They are not to be caged by petty pet shop mentality. Let them loose. Let them be what they were born to be. Snake killers. You can’t control them, you never will control them because God controls them!
In a National Game Park you have Game Rangers. They do not own the Parks. All they do is roam the Park for two reasons: One, to stop poachers and spring the traps. Two, to protect other animals from rogue animals. Rogues are those animals which have uncharacterised behavior that will harm other animals. Not tourists. Tourists are spectators, they don’t live there. Pastors if you have a pet shop church, change it. Let it become an Internationally Envisioned Park church, and you personally become His, The Lords Ranger. The Park Church is not yours, you happen to be there. Set and keep your people free”.

I was on Youtube looking at, ‘Mongoose vs Cobra snake’. Here is what I found: When a mongoose and a snake was put into a cage, the mongoose was bitten every time. When the mongoose was in the open confronting a snake, the snake did not live long.

This should awaken the sleeping giant in your hearts.