An Interview with Jenni.

An Interview with Jenni.

An Interview with Jenni. 2448 2448 Keir Tayler

I asked Jenni about her book, “The 5 Gems”.

Question: Jenn what is your book The 5 Gems about?
Answer: The 5 gems is a collection of blogs written over a two year period. It was in this time that I felt I had nothing much to give as I was raising 5 small children and my life was consumed with all things domestic.

Question: What made you want to write this book?
Answer: I did not ever have an intention of writing a book, in fact it was not even a desire, but I knew I liked writing and the writing for me was therapeutic. I started with what I had and what I could do. The mundaneness of it all was wearying and in a moment, I remember asking God how can I make a difference, what is my purpose, what can I do? I felt God respond to me with a one liner that has never left me “Use what is in your hands for now!” – In every season, there is purpose and I just needed to be recognise it and not despise it, and so on a daily basis, I asked God to show me and grow me in this season of giving out so much to my children.

Question: So how did you capture those significant gems?
Answer: In every day moments, many small seemingly insignificant moments became ones of Him speaking to me and showing me things about myself and more about His nature and character – I called it God drop moments! I have learnt so much (am still learning) and the writing became my devotions and seeking Him. It was therapeutic and comforting, yet teaching me deep and profound things in my every day moments – I just love that about our Father God – He meets us where we are at.

Question: How would you want your book to be used? By this I mean would it help busy mothers, or a model for a theme at a Woman’s Conference?
Answer? I hope it encourages mothers in every season. The devotions or chapters are written as brief downloads and insights I had into situations, some of which are very practical and others more in depth. It could offer some hope to mothers as more than anything it is truly authentic and in those moments of “realness” there is freedom in knowing you are not alone.

Question: I believe you are studying again, and what made you want to do a second degree?
Answer: I am studying not for the sake of gaining another degree but rather for the benefit of where I feel God has called me to. I always want to be learning and so to sum it up it would be to be an ever-learner because it keeps you humble, grows capacity and can only add value.

Question: Will you write another book?
Answer: Maybe I would – I love writing

Question: Any final word to young mothers?
To mothers/mamas, here is a letter:

For Mothers – you More than ENOUGH from God your FatherI know there are so many voices you hear
And meant with the best intentions, yet I want you to hear this one thing
YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!                                                                                                                                            There are lies and comparisons, charades of performance
Yet I have made you brave …
Brave isn’t always the grand gestures
Brave is the listening instead of talking
Brave is fighting when you want to give up
Brave is standing when you want to fall
Brave is being more than enough!
Sometimes brave can look boring, it can feel mundane, but that’s totally ok

I know you think it isn’t enough, you feel weak and less than
Yet within you is an inner core, strength and substance
Unshakable in the busyness of life.
Listen more, breathe deeply. Here. Now.
Your life has meaning and purpose, not through what you accomplish
It is the deep and honest connections, kindness and courage
Living NOT for yourself
But living present in my presence.

Your faith is protection, a shield from frantic living, soul-less seeking.
Let these words take root, let them grow, as the tangled becomes untangled
The lies die, truth emerges, strong and vibrant, fragrant and fruitful
As you yield, surrender to your me … For you are MORE THAN ENOUGH

I am always present, never changing, constant and faithful
Choose to be present instead of perfect
Living real instead of image,
Depth over shallow
Connecting rather than comparing
Meaning over madness.
Lay it down at the altars of productivity, capability, busyness and distraction
Breathe me in (pause)

Mark your life with quiet
With connection and simplicity
Less hustle.
Leave behind the toxic, pushy and over-worked
For love is not found there.
You can’t prove it, earn it nor compete for it.
Love is down in the depth of your soul, the beating of your own heart,
It is where my spirit has made home, that is where you find it.
Embrace gratitude, joy from the inside out.
Measure your life, not in tangible measures.
Instead value deeply, hold fast to
The words of that I speak.
For. Then. Your. Soul. Feels. It’s. Worth

The 5 Gems is available on Kindle and Amazon.

So this is my honest ramblings of what and how God taught and spoke to me in the season of having very full hands with my five children. I hope it encourages you and brings you hope for His glory!