“STALLION WARRIORS.” 600 361 Keir Tayler

An extract taken out of the new book “STALLION RIDERS”. Leaders operating in and from God’s presence.


A new breed of Stallion Warriors are thundering across the plains of humanity. These Warriors will be the leaders into the future post-pandemic era. The day has come where people in churches are tired of leaders who prefer wide screens, skinny jeans and fog machines.
Where are the leaders that will prepare the Kingdom of God to be at Hand for His return?
There was a man who called himself a ‘voice in the wildernass a ‘thunder in the desert’, that had a decree: Prepare the way for the Lord. These Warriors are a leadership that will have a decree: Prepare for His Second Coming.
The pin has been removed of the Grenade.
Most leadership today is about being leaders from womb to tomb. Then the next generation has to reinvent it again. For example the cheap grace message in the church has caused people to become unconfrontational, and everything has to be nice. ‘If I am happy then it must be right.’
Today if a strong word is preached in a church people either love it or leave. If the ministry is about church growth at all consequences then the message has lost its warning lights of a place called Hell. It is where if there is a challenge given then people take it that they are being condemned and feel rejected and so leave church or country for another. A preacher with a message of ‘no consequences’. This was what the church was like when Hitler began to rule. They said if he (Hitler) is not of God, then God will remove him. Was he? People were told the smoke from the chimneys in the concentration camps was from the Bakery’s. We are asleep in the light while the world is awake in the dark. When present leadership treats a nation — like a battered wife it is time to grow teeth and say , “Enough”.
There are no deal breakers, and truth is non-negotiable in the Kingdom of God. It is not ‘overrun grace’. The shedding of innocent blood God hates. When politics removes parental consent over children, removes gender rights, allows abortion, allows immoral levels to run rampant in Soddom’s and Gomorrah’s then that leadership needs termination. Tyrannical manipulation has to stop. It is disqualified under the commandments of God and Stallion Warrior principled leadership has to step in.
The Leadership I have lived has been through life experiences, in war, physical and emotional pain, wounding (many times physically), misunderstandings, militant hardship, abandonment, rejected, falsely accused and more. Where prayer is powerful. Yet sometimes quoted scripture in Greek and Hebrew translations means nothing when you have already decided to die for what you believe and when leaking from a bullet wound in the leg. A leadership that will transform present pathetic culture, twisted morals codes, that will answer the questions this young generation is trying to get answers for.
Leadership where men are men and behave like it. Where there is a living hope and a destiny of reality.

The qualities of the Stallion Warrior is spoken above is the leadership qualities needed now.
This book is an attempt to bring a fresh understanding of what leadership is to be into the future.
Leadership has to change from being currently irrelevant and temporary to eternally endurable.
The most spoken-about man in all History is The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of God; who both lived and taught leadership to this world … I hope we are listening.
As it is written: “Write, for these words are faithful and true [they are accurate, incorruptible, He who was riding (the White Stallion) is called Faithful and True (trustworthy, loyal, incorruptible, steady), and in righteousness He judges and wages war [on the rebellious nations].”