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Gen 47:8 Pharoah asks Jacob – Joseph’s father “…How many of the days are the years of your life?”
He seemed to ask not so much the question of “how old are you?”, but rather how many days have you really lived? Some people are 50 years old but have only really lived 30 years.

Yet some are 30 yrs old, and their days have been so productive, it is like they have lived 50 years.

All mankind has one thing in common TIME.

“Refresh and Revive. Warriors Wanted”.

Keir and Callie are a father and mother of the faith. They have years of vast experience in ministry, pioneered the Gospel into ‘war-zoned’ and unknown territories, seen every miracle written about in the book of Acts, trained various ministry and leadership teams successfully, taught in many bible schools, planted countless churches and mentored successful ministries.

Should you invite them into your church, they would:

1. Revive/Awaken by Presence based Power-Evangelism. Revive and Refresh the church.

2. Empower and Impart to potential five-fold leaders by mentoring & teaching with practical demonstration (by church planting) to those who have the call to church leadership and evangelism.

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