A new adventure for us

A new adventure for us

A new adventure for us 150 150 Keir Tayler

We have been in Capital City Church, (3Ci) for seven and a half years and from there have done apostolic work into many nations. We have enjoyed an open relationship with the elders of 3Ci and had the freedom to move about as we wished.

Recently it was felt that for our future we needed to link with an NCMI relating church, and so we have moved churches – to Cornerstone in Bedfordview.  We greatly appreciate the love and support that 3ci have shown us and we are looking forward to our move to Cornerstone.

At the same time, the NCMI apostolic fund is no longer from which we were fully supported for the last 15 years. We go to Cornerstone Church with no expectations of a salary or support financially in any way. We go in Faith. This is understood by the leadership at Cornerstone and ourselves. It’s about the Kingdom of God advancing.

So it is in this light that we have set up a new website to make available to you primarily what we are still doing and where you can partner with us financially if you should so wish.

We know our calling, have been faithful to it for 34 years, and with unshakable conviction will continue to pursue it regardless. Exciting and daunting times are ahead of us but we are ready and willing to pursue what God has waiting for us.