A weapon in His Hand

A weapon in His Hand

A weapon in His Hand 150 150 Keir Tayler

We are so thrilled to at last release our book after months of preparation.

A huge thanks to Janet Rodriguez and her patient and encouraging husband Mario. There is nothing like a motivated and confident friend to say “Keir by the end of July. I want you to have sent me the first 5 chapters”. And so it has happened.

We will be releasing the book on the 20th September. Cornerstone Church in Bedforview have been gracious in hosting this evening for us. If you’re in the area, we would love to see you there. If not, the book will be available on Amazon, Kindle and select online retailers in South Africa. We will post the links through our website and Facebook.

Here is a brief description of ‘A weapon in His hands’:

A Weapon in His Hand is a story of transformation. A journey that took Keir Tayler from a weapon of destruction in the hands of man to a weapon of grace in the hands of God.

In childhood, Keir Tayler found his identity in the rugged expanse of wilderness in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe). As a young man, he left school to join the Rhodesian Army, later becoming one of the first belted and bereted Selous Scouts, the most-decorated outfit in the Rhodesian security forces.

The summons to action was a simple telephone call, where Keir would leave the Laboratory and ‘harness-up’ for war within a few hours. From a clinically sterile environment to blood, dirt and the roar of gunfire.

Keir encountered God through a supernatural experience in the heat of one of histories most gruesome wars. His life changed forever in a moment.

Transformed by grace, Keir and his wife, Callie, began a life of radical obedience to the calling of God on their lives. A journey that has seen them give up a career in medicine and relocate their young family to Christ for the Nations in Dallas Texas to study God’s Word. Their ministry has since taken them in to war-torn southern Africa, often on motorcycle to spread the Gospel to a desperate people.
Throughout their years in ministry, Keir and Callie have since traveled through Poland, Germany, Belaruis, Montenegro, Holland, Belgium, the USA, UK and many more nations preaching the Word of God and witnessing many miracles.

A Weapon in His Hand chronicles much of this faith-filled journey from the battlefield to the pulpit. It is a book that will inspire and stir faith in anyone wishing to pursue the call of God on their lives.