An Unrecorded Miraculous Healing.

An Unrecorded Miraculous Healing.

An Unrecorded Miraculous Healing. 800 800 Keir Tayler

If all the miracles done by the great healing evangelists, like AA Allen, Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, W. Branham, were all added up they would not total half the miracles and healings done by Aimee Semple McPherson. She stood alone.
Here is an unrecorded creative miracle told by Aimee to Dr. Roy Hicks.

Aimee Semple, at 18 yrs of age as a missionary in China, was asked by a pastor if she would minister to the church next Sunday morning. She accepted and during the week prayed for what is was the Lord wanted to do that morning. The Lord said, “I want to perform a creative miracle”.
That morning after the worship time, she told the congregation of about 50, what the Lord had told her – ‘He wanted to perform a creative miracle, is there anyone here who needs that?’ No one came forward. She did not have a wealth of preaching experience behind her to draw upon. She knew the Lord had spoken so she instructed the church to continue in worship. She sat on the stairs and also worshiped. Occasionally she stopped the worship and repeated her instruction and asked the church for a response. No one came forward.
Finally, after another 30 mins of worship a man came from the back of the church came forward carrying a blanket and gave it to Aimee saying to her, “I don’t know if you mean this much of a miracle?”

Inside the blanket was a deformed baby.

Its head was misshapen with no eyes, just hollow areas where they should be. No arms or legs but ‘flippers’ where there should be whole limbs. She placed the blanket and child on the stairs next to her and said, “Jesus you are such a wonderful healer”; and continued to worship and kept repeating the sentence.
After a while she saw invisible fingers reshaping the head, remolding it like hands do with clay. Whirlpools appeared over each of the eye sockets and eyes appeared. Then the limbs, one by one grew out to wholeness. All of the creativeness was done with great elegance and grace. No hurry but gently, perfectly, artistically and very skillfully.

Finally she called the man forward and gave the child back to him, whole.

Aimee Semple was a woman who knew exactly what she was called to, she gave herself completely to do it and mostly she recognised the ‘time’ in which it was to happen. She recognised the ‘time of that refreshing of the Lord’ was now – in her time, in her assignment.