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70 + 1080 512 Keir Tayler

Gen 47:8 Pharoah asks Jacob – Joseph’s father “…How many of the days are the years of your life?” He seemed to ask not so much the question of “how old are you?”, but rather how many days have you really lived? Some people are 50 years old but have only really lived 30 years.…

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A weapon in his hand

How many years have you lived?

How many years have you lived? 851 315 Keir Tayler

I heard a General ask a Sage- “How many years have you lived?” (instead of asking “How old are you?”). The reply was one that gripped my heart and changed my view on age and life. I began to live my life, not measured by years, but by days. It was what I could put…

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In to Montenegro

In to Montenegro 750 469 Keir Tayler

I was watching TV on the Olympics. At a medal award, an athlete took her podium for the silver medal and it was announced she was from Montenegro. When I heard the name “Montenegro”, I believe the Lord said to me in a kind of a hunch like I could not get the name out…

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A new adventure for us

A new adventure for us 700 427 Keir Tayler

We have been in Capital City Church, (3Ci) for seven and a half years and from there have done apostolic work into many nations. We have enjoyed an open relationship with the elders of 3Ci and had the freedom to move about as we wished. Recently it was felt that for our future we needed…

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kinshasa crusade

7000 in Kinshasa, DRC

7000 in Kinshasa, DRC 800 480 Keir Tayler

I have just returned from Kinshasa DRC, having done a crusade in the place, “Where streets have no name”. We did 5 Nights, where I spoke to crowds of 7000 and more as people heard and saw the power of God in action. It has been a while since I have had the privilege of…

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Asuza Street Revivals



I was reading a “Heritage Magazine” printed 1907 about Alfred Garr. Garr was part of the ‘Burning Bush’, evangelists at the time of the start of Asuza Street. He took the revival to India. As he travelled he set in place 8 principles in every church he was invited into. This is an outline: Joyful…

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Do the Healing Meetings Benefit the Local Churches?

Do the Healing Meetings Benefit the Local Churches? 700 435 Keir Tayler

SOME of our leaders in the different church movements are under the impression that: “healing campaigns do not benefit the local church”, “its old school”. God is not into that to-day, its more seeker-sensitive and not good to offend those who don’t get healed. Here is what happened in the 1940’s – “It was in…

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5 MINUTES and a NATION…. 640 640 Keir Tayler

Europe needs another Luther; United Kingdom needs another Wesley; USA needs another Lincoln and Africa needs another Lake. There was a day when the pulpit was a very powerful place to stand at. From it a certain message was launched; one that was born in a fire. It captivated hearts and nations. The voice behind…

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