AZUSA ‘CODE’ 480 480 Keir Tayler

At the Azusa Revival, sister Carney was watched by a young lady called Goldie.
Goldie observed Carney for 4 days and then started doing the same as she did and was getting the same results.
Sister Carney, had two young men 13-14 yrs old – Ralph Riggs and C. W. Ward and they were ever present at Azusa Street revival. They would always look for people to minister to.
They later became instrumental in founding The Assemblies of God Church with the largest Pentecostal Movement in the USA and the world.

They said: ‘The more you attended, the more faith you had, and the more things would happen. Because your faith was building up as you saw other people believing and you believed, soon you had no doubt when you walked up to someone that they were going to get healed. After it was easy to walk up to someone and declare, ‘God is going to heal you tonight!’

If you were focused on the healing and miracles at Azusa you would be missing the most important aspect of Azusa. Spiritual Gifts were in abundance and so were their signs … but the greatest was the revelation of the death and resurrection of Jesus. His Divine love displayed. With this was the Shekinah which manifested itself for over 3 & 1/2 yrs. Shekinah Glory is the physical manifestation of the elements that form the ‘sanctuary’ that houses the presence of God.
This is why Azusa so different from any other revivals.
It was as if God ‘pitched His tent’ at Azusa.
There was an Azusa Code. H. O. P2. E; which comes from 2Chron 7:14
5 Basic Characteristics: Humility, Obedience, Prayer, Purity, Expectation.
Humility: the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. A freedom from pride and arrogance and selfishness.
Obedience: Sought His face and turned from wicked ways & was seen by them loving God and obeying the commandment of ‘to love one another’. Holiness follows when this is done.
Prayer: vital to God’s visitation. Jude 20
Purity: is mandatory as it manifests God’s love, as that is the environment in which Gods chooses to dwell.   Expectancy: Everyone had an expectations as everyone believed in their prayer. They were persistent, without doubt and expected what was to come.
Kingdom of God is at hand when this happens.
At Pisgah there was another young person by the name of Fox aged 18.
Fox shared that he was awestruck by the movement of God and how the manifestation of God’s power varied according to the degree of the manifestation of the Shekinah Glory – the thicker the cloud, the greater the miracles.
Fox took the anointing with him when he left Azusa. Similar miracles and healing’s occurred in India where he went. But he could not take with him the Shekinah Glory – it was unique to Azusa Street. You may walk with the anointing – but not the Shekinah.
Although the word Shekinah is not found in the Bible, the Jewish rabbis used this non-biblical term, which they derived from a Hebrew word that literally means ―’He caused to dwell, to signify that this dwelling was a divine visitation of the Presence of God on the earth’.

The Shekinah Glory defines the mist or cloud that is present when God is physically present. In Exodus 24:16-17, we are told, ―The glory of the Lord settled on Mount Sinai.

For six days, the cloud covered the mountain and on the seventh day the Lord called to Moses from within the cloud. To the Israelites, the glory of the Lord looked like a consuming fire on top of the mountain. The term ―Shekinah Glory is accurately and appropriately used to describe what happened at Azusa Street from 1906 -1910.

When Sister Carney was asked what caused the miracles and Azusa to stop, she replied, ― It stopped when Brother Seymour stopped putting that box over his head. When he quit coming down and putting the box on his head, it started dying.

It will happen again, when you expect it.