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A new book to be released as a follow-up of: “A Weapon in His Hand”, was released October 2015


I have heard so many sermons on the great commission and that we must ‘GO’, and evangelize and go into the world. Yet every time I heard those sermons I sat there feeling some-what guilty and powerless if not a little afraid of doing this.
I heard myself asking the questions like ‘How?’, ‘What if they won’t listen or receive what I have to say’, ‘Will they really get healed and if not …?’ and probably the most fearful was ‘What if it doesn’t work?” I discovered the only way to find out was – go do it.
One scripture really challenged me and that was Acts 1:1 What spoke to me was:
‘…what Jesus began TO DO and teach’. Teaching came second!
‘…until the day He was taken up’. He never stopped or changed the mission.
‘…after He had given commands’. What were those commands?
‘…through the Holy Spirit to…chosen’.
To me it was militant, specific, strategic and eternal. Revival and the gospels are synonymous. Revival, the experience within a church (Acts 2) will cause evangelism, the expression from the church.
The church was born in the fire, and does not continue in the smoke, but is to be aflame.

The bases of this material was first jotted down as I began to take teams into Southern Africa. Later I was involved with taking teams into other nations: deeper into Africa, America’s, Europe and Asia. So my notes grew and has lead to what you have in hand today. Although some material will not specifically apply to, for example Europe, as understandably each nation is different; but the heart is the same.

Early in my ministry I discovered that the healing side of the gospel had been given to the church as its greatest evangelizing agency. It was this amazing truth that took me to Africa and then then to the world.

Traveling to 43 nations is challenging and adventurous. We have been doing this since 1978. In our country of birth, Southern Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, the first crusade I ever preached at was in 1979. I had only been a christian for three months and without knowing it, was walking into what I absolutely loved.
My wife Callie and I have had the privilege of ministering the gospel for many years and wish to thank the men and women from whom I have learned many things – spiritually and practically. I have learnt much ‘on the hoof’ – in action.

Nations change, security changes, requirements change and it will become more and more difficult to cross borders. Some of the guidelines will be totally irrelevant to your situation. Yet in five years time very relevant.

The material in this book will help church leaders, missionaries and those who would want to adventure in the Great Commission. I hope you will be further equipped to enter the nations after going through this material. Take it as your own.

Kier & Callie Tayler
Hand in Hand International.
Based out of Cornerstone Church, Bedford View, Johannesburg.

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