5 people, 3 nights, 48 set.

5 people, 3 nights, 48 set.

5 people, 3 nights, 48 set. 960 720 Keir Tayler

In a recent crusade in Mozambique we were in a remote area… ‘Where the Streets have no Name’. It was a long way to walk on the sandy roads to where the crusade was held each evening. It was at a place called Chimondzo, and then about 3kms into the bush.
The reason for this event was a church leader, Antonio, had been to a similar crusade with us the year before and now wanted the same to happen for his area. The plan was we were to do 3 nights of open-air power evangelism working with a pastor Antonio, had made ready to take the church the first Sunday after we leave.
They supplied the sound system, generators, and some of the lights.
What a great time.
Biblical Church Planting:
I saw the Acts 8:5-8 happen. We went to ‘Somearea’ and preached Christ to them.
The people began to pay close attention as signs and wonders were done among them.
Here is an account written by Karen who came with us:

“There were three elderly gentlemen who came on the three days of crusade. They found it hard to walk with sticks and were battling with pain in their bodies. After prayer they and were able to walk upright and without their sticks. On Sunday they came to the service at the new church.
Two said they were 100%. One said he was getting stronger every day.

There was a lady in her late fifties who had a lame arm, she complained about pain in her chest, legs and feet. She said she was bewitched when she was 15yrs old, and that was why she could not use her arm.

Keir explained to her that if she has received Jesus as her Saviour she is a child of God. Satan and his demons have no authority over her.
She does not need to submit herself to any curse of man or Satan.
He asked her to pray a prayer of repentance and acceptance of her authority in Jesus.
Then he told her to command the demons to go and rebuke the curses over herself and thank Jesus. This she did.

A young man was asked to give her half a concrete building block. She lifted the block up and down about five times and proclaimed that her arm was well and the pain in her chest and feet and legs were gone too.
A really old lady was totally blind. We had prayed for her on the nights of the crusade. Each day she seemed able to see a little more.
On Sunday we prayed again and Keir asked me to go walk about so that she could follow me. I did figures of 8, straight lines and sharp turns. She never missed a step. The Lord is restoring her sight.”

The final night of the crusade was such great joy the people sang and danced tirelessly.
So in summary: 5 people over 3 nights of power evangelism, left behind in Mozambique a church of 48 people and a designated shepherd to care for them. I was so privileged to be asked to be a part of this church initiation. I am convinced that this is the Biblical plan to plant churches – whether in remote areas and in cities, the Ac 8 – Blue Print is the same.
Next year 2019 we are planning to do more.

PLEASE watch the Calendar for “FOOTPRINTS TRAINING EVENTS”. This is an evangelism tool to specifically training and equip teams to go do Ac 8.