The 2nd Coming, 360 degrees!

The 2nd Coming, 360 degrees! 1600 1200 Keir Tayler

The Second Coming is preached regularly in revivals. It adds the urgency to why we need to believe – NOW. It is silent from the pulpit, because it is uncomfortable, or ‘offensive’, How offensive is HELL to those who are offended now? This is from an article printed in 1931: JULY, 1931 Some thoughts about…

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The Gospel in Ruth – part 6

The Gospel in Ruth – part 6 150 150 Keir Tayler

There are so many truths in the time when Ruth begins to be a part of her new family in a new nation. She entered as a stranger relying on Naomi. She was limited due to her nationality or birth or nature. Yet there is a future. Boaz: is the one who takes the place…

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The Gospel in Ruth – part 5

The Gospel in Ruth – part 5 150 150 Keir Tayler

Gleaning: lets us look at the treatment Ruth received in ‘the field of Boaz’. Ruth’s position was one of a menial gleaner. A reaper was a recognized worker receiving wages, but a gleaner had no status. A gleaner was one of the poor in the land who was allowed to pick up the stray bits…

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The gospel of Ruth – part 4

The gospel of Ruth – part 4 150 150 Keir Tayler

A look at Naomi’s life: A look in the past: In Moab – sin bitterness, and death of family. In Moab – not the will of God but in a place of pursuing the desires of the flesh. 3 graves were left behind. Jn 10:10; Jn 3:19; Jn 1: 4 – choice is Light and…

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Poland Nov 2014

Poland Nov 2014 150 150 Keir Tayler

A report on what God has done in 16 days in Poland. This is Keir’s 13th trip to Poland, and Callie has been on many with him. Here is an account of what the Lord has done in the Poland 2014 trip Four of us: Mark Ellwood (a Pastor from the Bridge Church in Pickering…

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The Gospel in Ruth – part 3

The Gospel in Ruth – part 3 640 480 Keir Tayler

So Far: A family with names – Elimelech, Naomi, Mahlon and Chilion, set out from Bethlehem (House of Bread), where there was apparent famine, to Moab a place of abundance. In Moab, the two son’s take Moabite wives; named Orpah and Ruth. Sadly devastation trauma’s the family – not only does Elimelech die, but so…

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The Gospel in Ruth – part 2

The Gospel in Ruth – part 2 640 480 Keir Tayler

The names of the family in the book of Ruth echo the sound of the gospel to us: Elimilech: Me and My God is King. Naomi:     My Pleasant One. Chilion:    Pining. Mahlon:   Sick. Orpah:     Hind or Fawn. Ruth:        Beauty. Boaz:       Name of a Brazen Pillar. Elimilech, because of a famine in the land,…

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The Gospel in Ruth.

The Gospel in Ruth. 640 480 Keir Tayler

The book of Ruth is so rich in the gospel message. It consists of four chapters; which occur after Judges and highlights the life of man at the time. As it says: “When Judges ruled…there was no king in the land … every man did what was right in his eyes”. It is story about…

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Divine Health or Divine Healing. Which?

Divine Health or Divine Healing. Which? 640 445 Keir Tayler

Those who pray for the sick will verify this: That almost half of the people in the prayer line are suffering not from organic diseases, but from nervous conditions, neurosis, oppression, depression, fears, complexes, etc. Everywhere people are pleading for help and deliverance. Just getting them in the prayer line is not the answer. For…

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Fathering Truths

Fathering Truths 900 600 Keir Tayler

These ‘one-liners’ have been been the fashioning truths in our lives. Some are quotes from a mentor who has shaped many men – Dr. Ed Cole. I met him twice in Zimbabwe and although for a short moment it was impacting. men come and go but what they say lives on in others. I share…

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