No 4. A Sound of Revival?

No 4. A Sound of Revival? 150 150 Keir Tayler

Luke 1:6-45 It appears that Zacharia and Elizabeth were God-fearing all their days and were without fault in living righteously. His public life as a priest was exemplary. Their private life however was painful as they were barren.They were unproductive. Zacharia went about his priestly duty appointed to him on that day. The words in…

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No 3. There is a Sound.

No 3. There is a Sound. 150 150 Keir Tayler

During this time of lock-down, due to Covert-19, we have had a chance of not hearing the noise of fast paced life. We are at home, quietly doing little but have time for much. There is a sound of a city, sound of home and a sound of wildlife far away in the bush. Yet…

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No. 2 What all the World has NOW.

No. 2 What all the World has NOW. 150 150 Keir Tayler

I walked behind my Dad in between the vegetable seed-beds behind our house. A massive umbrella acacia thorn  tree overshadowed part of the garden. I was six years old. We lived at Ruzawi School near Marandellas town, in Southern Rhodesia. My Dad had just come home from work and now he was inspecting my work…

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No. 1 Pet Shop vs National Park.

No. 1 Pet Shop vs National Park. 150 150 Keir Tayler

As a young teenager I had a friend named Martin who had a mongoose for a pet. As young boys growing up in the Rhodesian bush we all at sometime found an animal to ‘raise’. The farms were full of wild life. I use to love going to his farm to play with the mongoose,…

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Testimony from Mozambique.

Testimony from Mozambique. 150 150 Keir Tayler

In 2018 we pioneered a church plant in Chimondzo, Mozambique with Church Unlimited in Nelspruit. Ps. Louis Nel lead the team on this adventure. There were about 10 of us from different churches around South Africa. It also involved about 6 churches in Mozambique who banded together to launch the church into this community. Some…

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There is a Sound…

There is a Sound… 2560 2044 Keir Tayler

Acts 2:2 “Suddenly a sound like a the rushing of a violent wind came from heaven ….” Before , fire, room filled and speaking in tongues there was a SOUND. A sound of change and the presence of God. We are experiencing this in Cornerstone church as a six week Sunday evening meeting is set…

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Leaders in Training.

Leaders in Training. 2980 2401 Keir Tayler

The Holy Spirit touching, changing, and empowering church planters and church leaders. No platform, Celebration, Certificates or promotion of man – just His presence, approval and endorsement. They are out there. I have not seen them since … they are His.

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The Dawn of 2020.

The Dawn of 2020. 798 853 Keir Tayler

My Dad would walk into my bedroom when I was a young boy, and would say to me whilst drawing back the curtains from the windows:  “The fingers of the pale – faced dawn arises in the East and brushes aside the cold webs of darkness to reveal a new day … come on son…

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“T’was but a sound of thunder”

“T’was but a sound of thunder” 480 480 Keir Tayler

Perhaps, on that day, some godly little servant girl may be waiting upon the table of her rich and fashionable mistress. The afternoon “bridge” and “whist” now over, the dinner is being served faultlessly.  Sparkling witticisms are being exchanged over the snowy linen, with its shining silver and fragrant blossoms. The maid (let us call…

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Pack Your Coffin….

Pack Your Coffin…. 670 502 Keir Tayler

A band of brave souls became known as one-way missionaries two centuries ago. They bought tickets to the mission field without the return half. Instead of suitcases, they packed their few earthly belongings into coffins. As they sailed away, they waved goodbye to everyone they loved and all they knew, knowing they’d never return home.…

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