Creative Miracle.

Creative Miracle. 4032 3024 Keir Tayler

I found this story which has never printed, but remembered by those who were there. Dr. Roy Hicks told this to someone who happened to talk about it and this is what I heard: Robert Semple and Aimee were newly married and were traveling the USA raising finances before traveling to India as missionaries. One…

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Revival Definitions

Revival Definitions 800 534 Keir Tayler

Introduction What do you think about when you hear the word, “revival”? For some it brings back negative feelings of some scary hell-and-brimstone message at a camp meeting where sinners were exhorted to come forward and repent. For others it stirs up the excitement of days gone by when God came by His Spirit and…

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REVIVAL LEADERSHIP 346 203 Keir Tayler

Lk 5:2 Using Peter’s boat it became Jesus platform. He used a structure to cast an invisible net. How you make a living is your platform, your boat, your structure. Your structure that keeps you afloat for profit. Heb 4:2 “For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word…

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Electronic or Electrifying?

Electronic or Electrifying? 332 495 Keir Tayler

The new Testament church was not the electronic church, it was electrifying. Mt 8:5 Centurion. The soldier had a divine perspective of authority and kingdom that amazed Jesus. Here are some points that may help us: It is not what we know that brings life, it is what we obey that brings us life. “You…

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Report on Mozambique trips.

Report on Mozambique trips. 1280 720 Keir Tayler

July 6-15 We had the privilege of being invited into Inhaminga , in the Sofala Province of Mozambique. Afrika wa Jesu is has one of it’s bases there; the other being at Nacala. A flight to Beira then a 4 hour drive to Inhaminga on a dirt road that would generously allow you to travel…

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Harvesting. 150 150 Keir Tayler

Report back from a trip to Inhaminga and Doro in Sofala province Mozambique.  I was invited by Afrika wa Jesu Ministries, to come and teach at their Conference and do the graduation ceremony at their Bible School. I have known Rod and Ellie who run Afrika wa Jesu since 1985 and have travelled with them…

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Have you ever preached this truth?

Have you ever preached this truth? 252 200 Keir Tayler

Question: “Did Jesus go to hell between His death and resurrection?” Answer: There is a great deal of confusion in regards to this question. The concept that Jesus went to hell after His death on the cross comes primarily from the Apostles’ Creed, which states, “He descended into hell.” There are also a few Scriptures…

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LAYING on of HANDS Question from “The Voice of Healing”.

LAYING on of HANDS Question from “The Voice of Healing”. 1880 1253 Keir Tayler

QUESTION The Gifts of the Spirit, and the use of them have me confused …I was prophesied over in a town several miles from here, by a man I had never seen before …he prophesied that I had the gift of miracles in my right arm. What shall I do with the gift? Often, when…

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The Combine to Harvest. Part 2

The Combine to Harvest. Part 2 4032 2438 Keir Tayler

I set about this at this ‘crusade’ – hence the plan given. I knew something was changing. To be on that same field where Jesus and the Holy Spirit had been before. I knew about T.L.Osborn – I had his book in my study at home and devoured his teachings. Not only that I read…

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The Combine to Harvest. Part 1

The Combine to Harvest. Part 1 2046 1012 Keir Tayler

Apostolic Evangelism. How do we evangelise large areas through open-air power evangelism? I hope to help in exposing the intricacies of such an event. We were invited, as a small apostolic team to the DRC to participate in an evangelistic outreach into a city. Here is what happened: Democratic Republic of Congo. 31 July –…

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