Church Leaders & Revival

Church Leaders & Revival

Church Leaders & Revival 640 480 Keir Tayler

Horactius Bonar said:

With all due respect for the men’s movement in the Church today, I say without hesitation, we need more than mere good men. We need men who can do more than clean up football stadiums; we need men who can clean up the Church. We must have a holy race of prophets. We need a God-possessed generation of living trumpets to awaken the sleeping Church out of her stupor of self-indulgence and pride. We need an army of Spirit-filled Revival men. Throughout the centuries wherever the cause of Christ has been advanced such Christ-consumed prophets have been found pleading, praying, weeping and preaching. I have noticed that such men, regardless of denominational persuasion have often possessed the very same striking qualities.

Revival Men Long For Success

Revival Men Walk By Faith

Revival Men Are Laborers

Revival Men Are Patient

Revival Men Are Bold As Lions

Revival Men Pray!

“Prophets are God’s emergency men for crisis hours. They thrive on perplexity, override adversity, defeat calamity, bring the new wine of the Kingdom to burst the withered wine-skins of orthodoxy, and birth REVIVAL. Let no Christian’s heart fail him because it seems that the enemy has come in like a flood, that the voice of the prophet is not heard in the land. God has His men hidden. They will come forth without price tags; with nothing to sell, nothing to propagate, but ‘holiness unto the Lord’.” Leonard Ravenhill.

Let us all – Pastors, Prophets, Apostles and Evangelists, lift the standard of the bugle call to awaken the hearts of men and women who love God. Who will convince and persuade others to follow suite. Fire beggats fire!

“Truth”, is to be clearly defined to all by TRUTH Himself – The Lord Jesus Christ.