Do the Healing Meetings Benefit the Local Churches?

Do the Healing Meetings Benefit the Local Churches?

Do the Healing Meetings Benefit the Local Churches? 150 150 Keir Tayler

SOME of our leaders in the different church movements are under the impression that:

  • “healing campaigns do not benefit the local church”,
  • “its old school”.
  • God is not into that to-day, its more seeker-sensitive and not good to offend those who don’t get healed.

Here is what happened in the 1940’s –

“It was in the fall of 1948 that we first heard of the great healing revivals which were beginning to sweep across the nation. Reports began to trickle in of multiple healings; salvations and faith increased.”


Immediately our church went to God in prayer and fasting that these same signs and wonders might be seen in our city; as in thye book of Acts. For years we had believed that there was more in store for the Pentecostal movement than the little we had seen. Now, that we had heard of these healing campaigns, we would not be content nor satisfied until we could see, the same.

After much prayer and some letter writing, God led me to contact an Evangelist….”

This is what followed:


In the summer of 1950 he came, with his new tent, and by faith pitched it for the first time in our city, with the promise of only four small churches to cooperate.

This is what we did –

  • The meeting lasted for five and one half weeks.
  • The crowds grew steadily.
  • Faith rose in each meeting.
  • The Evangelist preached faith until we could conquer any giant.
  • Denominational folk, hungry for the deeper things of God, poured in by the hundreds.
  • The power of God was manifested from night to night and the healings became the topic of conversation in churches and Sunday School classes for miles around.
  • In the fifth week, he preached for three nights on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Here again, the plain, forceful, scriptural preaching of this truth removed much of the opposition and fear in the hearts of the people.


  • Because of this one campaign alone, our church gained seventy people, which was as many as we were able to gain by ordinary methods in the six years since our church was founded.
  • Since that time, an Apostolic team has returned three more times, with continued blessing.
  • God fulfilled the promises He gave us, by the ministry of the Holy Ghost, when He said that He would give us a great revival with many healings and miracles and the salvation of multitudes.
  • Since the evangelists’ first meeting, we have been enabled by God to build a new church into which, on occasions, we have crowded over 600 people.
  • Formerly we had rented an old shirt factory that could seat 125.
  • We only regret that we did not build our church larger. The debt on our building, which is only two years old, will be wiped out in two or three months.