Fathering Truths

Fathering Truths

Fathering Truths 900 600 Keir Tayler

These ‘one-liners’ have been been the fashioning truths in our lives. Some are quotes from a mentor who has shaped many men – Dr. Ed Cole. I met him twice in Zimbabwe and although for a short moment it was impacting. men come and go but what they say lives on in others.

I share some of these in knowing that when you apply them – they will fashion your life. All are rooted in the Bible. One might say they are today’s Proverb.


TRUTH, is the bedrock of your integrity.

Your personal integrity is the cornerstone of character.

God commits to character not talent.

Show me a mans friends and I will show you his character.

Moral cowardice is the ruin of manhood.

Soldiers and Politicians. Ambassadors or Diplomats.

God did not call men to be truce-makers, but peacemakers.  And peace only comes after victory, or through victory.

Soldiers want to fight through to victory.

Politicians want to declare a truce.  Politicians do everything based on compromise.

Soldiers in war do not want compromise … they want victory. Jesus did not declare a truce with Satan.

Soft men capitulate*, cannot take rough times.  They make truces called diplomacy, human rights, culturally sensitive. They invent other words for: rape, gay rights, hell, sin, adultery, divorce.

[*Capitulate: surrender especially on stated conditions.]

God never told us to capitulate to our enemies. He told us to love them, and to be victorious.

Truces are never a substitute for victory. (Saul in Samuel)

Wimps settle for less. The reason you don’t have more is that you chosen to plateau and settle for less. The life you are living to-day was decided upon 5 years ago.


The core of ignorance is stubbornness.

A stubborn man who refuses to be taught will always be ignorant. Ignorant men will always be at mercy of the knowledgeable.

Discipline is the correct application of pressure. One of the tests of manhood is how a man handles pressure.

Men must be tested and proven before given authority. The rules for correction in the home or on the job is generally punish in private, reward in public.

The man who talks the most does the least.

Excuses are not reasons.

Successful men let their work do the talking for them:

Decision: write it down.                                                                                                     Dedicate: yourself to them.                                                                                                Discipline: to reach them.                                                                                                     Details: “an ounce of obedience is worth a pound of prayer”