GOSPEL FIRE – ZIM. 2048 1536 Keir Tayler

As I was driving through Zimbabwe earlier this month, I noticed the fires burning an already dry earth. Scorched bush, burnt electricity poles and no green grass – this seems prophetic of the church in Zimbabwe. Spring has to come, rains need to fall and a refreshing will take place.

This week I go again to Zimbabwe, but this time to another town, Gweru to do a long awaited crusade for desperate change. I remember the last time¬† I was there I spoke on the woman who came to the feet of Jesus with a bottle of expensive oil, but it was all she had. She “gate-crashed” a leaders meeting of men only. How they scorned her, yet she (like the true church) just wanted to be at His feet giving her all. Glory filled the old shed when I shared this with the people of lower Gweru. I believe He will do it again.

Following my time in Gweru, I go to Bulawayo, to the Rock Church, who will host an event called, “Footprints”. This is a training for evangelists. With over 30 years of pioneering work, evangelizing in remote areas, behind me: I have recorded this experience/wisdom on paper to equip the ‘young-guns’, who have a call and passion for the Gospel and who want to do the same. People say this is evangelism – I say it is Apostolic.

The topics this time are:

  • Crusade and Pioneering
  • Divine Healing.
  • Power and Planting.

Longing to refresh hearts again with showers of the Gospel.