“…went about doing good…”

“…went about doing good…”

“…went about doing good…” 918 617 Keir Tayler

I am in the process of writing my second book on testimonies of God’s miracle working power over 38 years of ministry.

This book will be a documentary of healings with testimonies, instruction on crusades and ‘prolonged meetings’.

More to come later…..

The following ‘scripts’ are given as a result of video’s taken during crusades. A dear friend Keith Abbott, was responsible for faithfully taking random video recordings of the meetings. Keith and Suzanne Abbott, partnered with Callie and I, for 12 years with Hand in Hand International.

This is what they recorded:

1996: Inhaminga Mozambique:

A team from RSA and Zimbabwe travelled by road and conducted 5 nights of crusades and taught leadership to a small city.

Many came to know and trust in the Lord through the proclamation of the gospel.

An old man of about 60 years of age had lost the use of both his hands because of leprosy. He had chopped off the tops of his fingers because of the pain. After attending the teaching on healing he came to the crusade where he was prayed for and he regained the use of both his hands and was able to pick up the 10lb. hammer with either hand.

A little boy about eight years of age had being born cripple because of polio. He was healed and ran towards his mother whose face showed no expression or any emotions…she was in shock at seeing her son healed.

A blind woman who had been led around by family and friends received her healing. She was able to distinguish the guide ropes from the light mast (at the crusade) which was about 30m. away.

Blind eyes were opened with many … and a man who was dumb spoke for the first time.

The team that had organized the outreach informed us on arrival that the food supply that was flown in to feed the attending church leaders (about 200) had been stolen from the warehouse. The team got together for prayer with the resident leaders and within two days, every bag of maize that had been stolen was returned.

1997: Madadzi, Karoi. Zimbabwe:

A man with a lame left leg received his healing.

Mbazwana, Northern KwaZulu/Natal:

On the first night the tent for 500 people was too small and as the week progressed and the gospel was proclaimed the numbers grew and grew.

A old woman who had being bitten by a snake five years ago, was unable to walk without her walking stick. She received her healing: She was told – if you believe you shall walk. She believed and was told to walk and touch the wall of a brick building about 75 metres away. She staggered towards the wall without her walking stick. By the time she got to the wall she was walking normally … she then turned around and ran back to the crusade stage shouting with joy. On sharing her testimony she confessed that she had walked to town about 20km. and brought her self a new pair of shoes to wear home because she believed she was going to be healed.

Never had we seen so many cripples being healed. One of the local Zulu princes had been involved in a serious  vehicle accident. He had injured his neck and been taken to the hospital for treatment. He came to the meeting with a neck brace on, was prayed for in the prayer line and was instantly healed. He removed the brace and had full mobility of his neck. The local doctor who treated the prince just shook his head in unbelief and confessed that he had heard of the Power of God but he, himself had never experienced or witnessed such healing’s. Needless to say the tribal leader invited us back to share the gospel in other parts of his jurisdiction.

Kwangwanse/Manguzi. Northern KwaZulu/Natal:

The team went to the Manguzi hospital and prayed for many HIV AIDS patients. On their next visitation they found that many of the beds were vacant because the healing’s that had taken place during the night. At Pelindaba Clinic, a man with a hunch-back came and asked one of the young girls in the team to prayer for him. Belinda was 14yrs of age, and while she was still praying the power of God moved and straightened his back. The old man thanked her and walked off down the dusty trail to his home.

Operation Saturation: (name given to a specific outreach) Team of 65 from 11 different international churches (Canada, Holland and Germany) visited various churches in Northern KwaZulu/Natal and Swaziland

Mafube, Mataiele Transkei:

“Where are the young white missionaries that used to visit us while we were at school?” was one of the questions asked by a retired local chief.

By the first night the tent that could seat 150 was too small so all the benches were moved outside.

A crippled old lady came in from the dark for prayer and walked away healed.

A mother brought her blind teenage daughter for healing and she received her sight.

A young girl with hip problems struggled to walk properly received her healing.

A woman with chronic shoulder/neck problems, she was unable to raise her hands above chest height received healing.

A dumb man who was persistent stayed in the prayer line until he received his healing went away healed.

1998 Zongoene Mozambique:

During 1998 we visited Zongoene three times with various international teams from America and Holland. Once again God remained faithful to his word and as the gospel was shared many came to know the Lord and many healings occurred. A little girl who had been born blind received her sight. Many of the locals suffered from various physical ailments and deformities received their healing. At one of the children’s meetings multiplication of food was experienced. Karin only had one bag of oranges to share amongst 150 children was able to give each child half an orange. The trip was also used as a recce to establish the needs of the town.

Most of the leaders were Zionists, who had been taught the law of Moses as the final revelation, were so hungry for freedom that on hearing the Word repented and were set free of their bondage’s. One of the local leaders lost nearly two-thirds of his congregation ended making repenting and joined the new rapidly growing local church.

During the third trip we managed to bring in medical supplies for the clinic, paint the clinic, mosquito proof it and paint two of the local schools. A blind woman received her sight after prayer.

2003  Nsanje Malawi:

During the one meeting their was a commotion amongst the local residents outside. Two young mothers had arrived with their sons that had been healed. The one against the wishes of her family had decided to come to the church meeting with her child that had been bitten/eaten by rats and was showing signs of some related disease. The other had decided to bring her child that had been born with clubfeet to be prayed for. But the miracle occurred on the way to the church building. When they arrived the first mother testified that while she was walking she noticed that the child had stopped crying, on examining the child she found that all the bite marks had disappeared. The second mother testified that she felt her child kicking her as if to tell her something on examining her son she noticed that her son’s feet had straightened. So they came to the church to share their joy unbeknown to them the local district doctor was present at the meeting, as she was one of the church members. She got up to confirm the ailment/disability of both young boys and said that she was busy treating both as her patients. On hearing this old man Gogo got up and told everyone present to give God the glory for his faithfulness. The worship after that was unstoppable.

All the GLORY to He who reigns forever – The Lord Jesus Christ.