‘HOSPITAL WEEK’. 526 701 Keir Tayler

We will be doing 6 crusades in the next 5 months.

First two are: Carltonville followed by Tarlton in Johannesburg west.

We will be preaching & praying for the sick 3 times a day.

An open-air crusade at night.

There are two scriptures that define what Jesus did when on the earth.
Mt 9:35-36 “Jesus walked throughout the region with the joyful message of God’s kingdom realm. He taught in their meeting houses, and wherever he went he demonstrated God’s power by healing every kind of disease and illness. When he saw the vast crowds of people, Jesus’ heart was deeply moved with compassion, because they seemed weary and helpless, like wandering sheep without a shepherd.”

It says, “wandering sheep as if without a shepherd or leader”. Why do they behave as lost, aimless and visionless sheep?
▪ Ministry Titles do not change them.
▪ Teaching with no manifestations of supernatural change them.
▪ The Anointing always does, when it is demonstrated or manifested.

It is where any sick, diseased or oppressed may come to hear the gospel and be healed. It is a copy of what Jesus did. The scriptures say,
Lk 5:15 “But the news about Him was spreading even farther, and large crowds were gathering to hear Him and to be healed of their sicknesses.”
Lk 6:18 ” … who had come to hear Him and to be healed of their diseases; and those who were troubled by unclean spirits were being cured.”

Mt 4:23 ‘Jesus was going about in all of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every sickness among the people … and the news about Him spread … and they brought to Him all who were ill, those suffering with various diseases and severe pain, demon-possessed, people with epilepsy, and people who were paralyzed; and He healed them.”
In most medical hospitals there are three ‘Medical visits or Rounds’ done in a day by medical staff.
So at the crusade venue/tent/church-hosting the crusade we plan the following:
“Three Ministry Meeting Times:” will be initiated at 10:30 am; 2pm and 4pm for 7 days.
Crusade will be done at 7pm for 3-6 nights

WHAT will happen in a meeting:
1. As these meetings are very specific in purpose there will be an increased intensity on word and manifestation.
2. Faith in the word of God will be elevated to a new level.
3. The Royal Physician (Jesus) will be honoured and revealed.
4. The Anointing and Shekinah Presence of the Holy Spirit.
5. Worship.

To have one in your area.

WHAT is required:
1. A church or better, churches to unite in hosting a ‘Hospital Week’.
2. A dedicated musician/s who can usher in His Presence.
3. A venue close to the needy. We go where they are.
4. An eldership team (or part of) to host, embrace, and enhance His Vision.
5. A Team of radical believers to:
Set up these events.
Be involved in each meeting do host people.
A team to let the churches nearby know what is offered at these meetings.
To bring the sick and oppressed.
To do something different & believe for the impossible.

Aimed to those where medicine has its final frontier and has no answers. Where the sick who cannot afford the consultation, cure and cease to have hope.
Mk 5:25 “A woman who had had a hemorrhage for twelve years, and had endured much at the hands of many physicians, and had spent all that she had and was not helped at all, but instead had become worse—after hearing about Jesus, she came up in the crowd behind Him and touched His cloak. ”

Registration for the sick in attendance:
Prescription Cards are awarded for each person attending a meeting:
Green card – first meeting,
Blue card – second meeting.
Red card – third meeting.
Yellow card – for four or more meetings.

‘Patients’, are expected to attend at lest 3 meetings before being prayed for (however there are exceptions for those who have a Mk 2:5 faith. Salvation is prime.
A qualified medical sister will help with the above registration.
Alcoholics and drug abusers do no get issued cards for healing but will fall under “Oppression/deliverance”

The church is the agent on earth to demonstrate what eternity has, and what the world cannot explain. We want to touch those who have no hope, or healing remedy.

Churches/venues who are open to this. Open to supernatural manifestations and who would dare to risk reputation and believe for the supernatural to change community.

At each crusade there is time wasted in the day where nothing much happens unless there is a leadership conference. So as we are reaching the lost at the crusade there is a need to see people healed. Jesus ministered wherever whenever He could. There is no restriction on time unless a church in tradition says so.

During this time there will be an opportunity for those who feel a call to evangelism and those who move with power group gifts of the Holy Spirit to be trained in action.
They are expected to attend every meeting over the 7 days.