LEGACY. 150 150 Keir Tayler

Christ for the Nations was the Bible School Callie and I attended from 1980-1982. We were students for the two years and at that time we had Jenni; who was two and a half years old, and Simon; who was 5 months old. Lisa, our youngest was born after we had returned to Africa.

This April we had the huge privilege of being invited by the school to be a guest speaker to the students, and so we planned that our family return to be a part of this legacy.

Gordon Lindsay published the “Voice of Healing” magazine featuring revival leaders and their ministry efforts. He made it possible for subscribers to know where they could go and experience God’s touch for themselves and also see and read testimonies, sermons and stories that changed their lives.

The key leaders featured in the Voice of Healing Magazine were Oral Roberts, Jack Coe, A. A. Allen, Gayle Jackson, T. L. Osborn, William Freeman, Velmar Gardiner, Raymond T. Richey, W. V. Grant, plus many other less prominent ministers.

He then started Christ for the Nations. The school began in April 1948; and has students from all over the world coming to be trained for the Ministry of the Gospel.

For Callie and I to have our family come with us, was a huge privilege. We all had a time to speak to the students. Not only that we met many of the Faculty and Staff.

Below are the teachings and Q & A.



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