Lemonade out of Lemons.

Lemonade out of Lemons.

Lemonade out of Lemons. 284 177 Keir Tayler

“What is sweeter than honey? What is stronger than a lion?” “Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet.” Taken from Judges 14:14

Another year about to end and a year that will go down in history that in 2020 there was a world pandemic. Enough of that.

So what came out of it for us. The answer I am so happy and excited to say is five books. We recieved a prophetic word in Redding CA, USA at our son-in-law and daughter’s home on Nov 9, 2018. from a young lady Emma.

“You know how to carry a testimony, to carry the power of one and you know what it is to bear arms with it …you are more concerned about a Legacy .. .that cannot be lost … you have a fury about religion and the adulterated gospel you will de-mystify it in tenderness …”

So we have and they are  up in five days from today.

A Weapon in His Hand, written in 20015
An autobiography. A story of the transformation of how a man can be used for a weapon of destruction, and then become a weapon of healing in the hands of God. From Special Forces to Royal Assignment. A story of Keir and Callie’s lives.

Apostolic Evangelist:
The office and practice of a 5 – Fold Government Gift of an Evangelist and how they are to operate in team with other five-fold Gifts to the church. From call to commission, how to begin. Probably the most needed book for the church now. Starting form a lamp on a tree at night to moving 5 vehicles of equipment doing open-air power evangelism reach whole small towns, leaving 3 viable churches when we left. Keys to church planting. A Companion book to Sword Oil and Fire.

Some of those who have read this book are already wanting to do crusades.

Sword Oil and Fire:
Testimonies with Instruction on how to use the Sword – the word of God; The Oil – how to walk and minister in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and Fire – keeping in His Presence, Power in stirring Revival. What we share through these pages have not been learnt in a classroom with a teacher, but through traveling dusty trails, in many nations; through taking risks and sometimes failing. The realm of  the Holy Spirit as our teacher and faith has been our classroom. Written are some of the many lessons learnt through many varied experiences. What every young leader wants to know about growing closer to Jesus.

Q & A on Divine Healing:
We have gathered many questions and tried to answer them. To help those who would minister Divine Healing to the sick and who want to know more. A companion book to The Royal Physician.

The Royal Physician.
This book captures our experiences of Divine healing from 1979 to the present. After 5 decades of ministry around the world, Callie and I have seen many healings and miracles. Some people being healed instantly, some over time and some not receiving healing at all. We have always wanted to see people experience the compassion and mercy of God on their lives. So our lives have been focused on Jesus: His love for humanity and from the start of His ministry He healed the sick wherever He went. We do not have all the answers and don’t expect to as we are still students learning.
We have put together our experiences and practice with the desire to help both those who are sick and those who want to preach, teach and empower other saints to do the same.
We have wanted to leave a legacy for the generations to come who will carry the sword and the oil — the word of God and His power — to set captives free.
The Royal Physician is not about a residing Doctor of Medicine for a Royal Family. The Royal Physician is The King Himself, Jesus Christ the Son of God, who has the power to cause His subjects to be totally whole in spirit soul and body, when they follow Him.

Stallion Warriors. (Coming Soon). Written by Keir Tayler and my son Simon Tayler.

This book is on Leaders who lead – coming from His presence.
Whether you are leading a church, a business or a nation, this book will clarify why you are to lead coming from God’s presence, a Revival Leader. Some leaders bear wounds and wear scars, from what they have already been through. Something that is not often addressed so there is a way how to leave your ‘Woundedville’. How to get through the pain and become dangerous and live again.
This book is about a leadership that will be uncompromising to truth and be fearless of agenda’s, manipulation, bribes and oppressive mind sets.

The religious  eader preaches their own funeral service quickly. But a Stallion Warrior is delivered from ecclesiastical hierarchism and abuse. Multitudes are shut up in ecclesiastical systems within sectarian boundaries, while God’s great, free pasture lies out before them only limited by the encircling word of God.

There was a man who called himself a ‘voice in the wilderness’’ a ‘thunder in the desert’. He did not come by the expected way but from an unexpected way. That is a Stallion Warrior come from His presence the new revival leaders.

He who sat on the white horse is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. He said, “Behold, I am making all things new … write, for these words are so”. The pin has been removed from the Grenade.

In South Africa; printed copies will be available in January 2021. When we travel to different churches we will have copies that you may purchase should you be at that church. Hope to see many of you soon.

Thank you for buying one. When you have read it please and give a comment on the Amazon “ratings”.