Mississauga Toronto Feedback

Mississauga Toronto Feedback

Mississauga Toronto Feedback 150 150 Keir Tayler

We have spent a week here with Lifehouse Church in Mississauga lead by James and Leigh Colgan. This is our third visit there. On two evenings we spent time in a Community Centre hall and spoke on what God has done with us and shared on some testimonies of healing. One lady was so excited after she was prayed for that she ran around the room with shrieks of delight as the Holy Spirit touched her. Others were healed of stiff necks and other problems. One evening, nine people came forward for first time commitments and renewed commitment to the Lord.

One day last week over lunch, a couple who have moved up from Brazil to Lifehouse Church shared this with us:
“A friend of mine heard that one of his friends had died suddenly and she was already in the morgue. So he went to the morgue and asked the officials if he could pray for her. He got permission and so set about praying for her. He said “(her name) come back, I rebuke the spirit of death”. She did, she opened her eyes and began to breath … Not only her but another 8 other dead people came to life in the same room. This rocked our city and caused many people to come to church all over the city.”
I have never heard of such a testimony.

A Pastor and his wife came to Saturday nights meeting here in Lifehouse. The church that they are apart of does not believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and that healing and miracles are over. Well, she has had an very painful ankle for two year and walked with a limp and could not move it in certain directions. She came forward for prayer with her husband. I knelt down on the ground and asked her to place her painful foot on my knee. I laid my hands on it and prayed. I could feel warmth in my hands and knew without doubt God was doing His work of compassion. After a while I stood up and told her to walk about and test her ankle. A smile came on her face. Her husband stood with an intense look upon his face as he watched his wife begin to walk freely
… she continued to walk about with visibly increasing confidence. Then she burst out with the words “there is no more pain … there is no more pain!” That was Saturday night and she was at church on Sunday and many people are amazed at her testimony. They were taught healing is not for today! … and now it’s Monday and she is still walking. The visiting Pastors church (not Lifehouse – another church) have a proof that “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever”. That proof is still walking.
It is amazing that God would touch an ankle and set a church “walking in faith” as they receive what He has done.
Praise God for He is healing and He is faithful!

When you read this we will be in Halifax on the East coast of Canada.