Montenegro Report

Montenegro Report

Montenegro Report 150 150 Keir Tayler

Lance (from Cornerstone Church) and Keir travelled to Podgorica in Montenegro via Istanbul, Turkey.
As there was a 7 hour delay in Istanbul, they decided to venture into the city on trams and saw a museum, which was amazing. It is a beautiful city!

Here is their report back …

On arriving in Podgorica, the airport was similar to that of Victoria Falls airport in Zimbabwe.
Their host was standing with a placard with their names on it, and he was overjoyed to see them and embraced them fervently. This set the tone for the next four days.

We talked about the history of the church, the nation, and family. Almost instantly we were wanting to know the reason for why God had us come to this tiny nation of 700K people in the Balkan States. We spent the days driving to the coast, walking streets, meeting their friends and associates, talking, exhorting, and becoming vulnerable with each other – we had little time and so we were desperate to discern the Lord’s hand in this trip.

We met the other three Pastors of the only three Christian Churches in the nation. One was in Kotor, and the other also in Podgorica.
When we asked them what was the biggest need right now for their work in the nation they said: “The biggest need, is for evangelism”….The need is for signs and wonders to awaken the people to the fact that God is not an historic figure, but He is living for such a time as this.
We returned knowing that this was the start of an opportunity for the gospel to be revealed, of not in Montenegro – but the surrounding states as well.

Some interesting facts …
The minimum wage for women is 150 Euros and men 250 Euros – worse than South Africa.
The Serbian Bible has been translated from a German Bible and someone said the translator was not saved. However, new translations are in process.
Can you speak about Jesus openly to people? Yes. But they would like you to be friendly first before talking openly about Him.
Evolution is taught in schools.
Balkan – means “Land of Blood and Honey”. There has not been a fifty year period without a war.
There is a cry for help and there is a door of opportunity open right now.

If you are a RSA passport holder you can acquire an electronic visa into Turkey, (valid for a month) and for Montenegro if you are in possession of a valid USA visa in your passport, you are allowed access into the nation for 7 days. Otherwise you can obtain a visa through the Serbian Embassy.

Watch this space for another update of when we may be going in again!