Mozambique- Lk 5:17b “…and the power…”

Mozambique- Lk 5:17b “…and the power…”

Mozambique- Lk 5:17b “…and the power…” 2048 1536 Keir Tayler

In 2006 I pioneered into the Mapai area of Mozambique, a town close to the Trans Kruger Frontier of RSA and Mozambique. A team of 25 – mostly from 3Ci Church came with me. From that mission we went deeper into the area 110 kms N. of Mapai, into a town called Massengena.

One of my dreams was to take a multi-faceted team to “invade” the area, using motorcyles to scout out new settlements along the Limpopo River and go deeper into the flat-lands of Maputo province. Teams that would train leaders, pioneer new opportunities, crusade teams, etc.

Well this has happened. Zach Lombard a dear friend of ours – picked up the BATON, and has begun to run the race of the next phase.

But this trip was about Mapai and other smaller towns.

All types of motorcycles, 4×4 vehicles, and trailers went in for 9 days. 73 men and women. Divided into: agriculture team (teaching on farming biblically), pioneering team, a discipleship team, a leadership training team and a crusade team.

My responsibility is this venture was to take the crusade team of 26 which was a massive privilege.

Lk 5:17 “And the power of the Lord was present with Him to heal.”

This was true of this team for 9 days. To account for all the testimonies would be too much. Truely all that happened was done and seen, as the gospel was preached. The intensity of miracles was instant, constant, and relentless as God poured out His love.

“Tell us more”, was the cry from many places where we preached open-air; they would not leave, but stayed and said they wanted more. People came to our campsite daily asking for prayer and left healed: deaf ears opened, a lady suffering from a stroke – was healed, ran about our camp danced and shouted for joy. At the medical clinic – instant healing’s: a man with a paralyzed arm was healed and after he was able to hold a rock we put in his hand he lifted it above his head in victory.

Pastors kept coming to us asking if there was more teaching today? We interrupted an ancestral meeting deep in the bush and two ‘Cheifs’ were saved with all the senior men and women in the meeting – about 70 in all. A business man was asked to help us translate from English to Shangaan. “I only have 15 mins.” he said. But at the conclusion of the salvation message he said, “Lift your hands in decision for this truth as I am also today – believe in Jesus”… and he too was saved with the crowd.

As the gospel was taken far and wide on dusty trails 3000 came to a positive revelation of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Yes, it took its toll on ‘half-shafts’, and ‘tow hitches’, and scratched vehicles, and a bike’s engine seized solid, and a couple came off their bikes with damage to the machines, but no-one hurt. His Grace was upon us all.

All have come home with a fresh view of His Kingdom and a desire to “GO again”

Thank you Zach for making dreams come true!

The results were amazing: