MOZAMBIQUE. 640 448 Keir Tayler

In 1982 Callie and I graduated from CFNI in Dallas Texas, were ordained at then Beverly Hills Church, lead by Pastor Jim Hodges.
We returned to Zimbabwe and later moved to South Africa, where I sensed the call of God to begin to evangelize in Mozambique.
One prayer meeting in Durban a lady came up to me with a small piece of paper torn off a note book and said, “Keir here is the telephone number of a pastor in Maputo – you and he have the same heart”.
Well I went.
I travelled in on a motorcycle from Pinetown to Maputo through Swaziland – a distance of 350 miles.
Over a period of 12 years I would visit Mozambique doing three things:
1 Conduct leadership conference with all denominations.
2 Conduct mass, open-air, power evangelistic crusades.
3 Give out gospel literature and medicines to hospitals.

In the period of 12 years, the grace of God was with me to thoroughly penetrate every city, town and village in the Maputo and Gaza Provinces of Mozambique.
Just a few testimonies of what God over that time are:
This resulted in numerous church plants, students trained for ministry, and thousands being saved.
In Maputo, the governmental head of Religious affairs of all Mozambique was a great assistance to us in planning massive crusades.
In Zongoene, two young girls received their sight at a crusade; resulting in a church being planted in the village.
In Magude: a hospital was emptied as all received their healing.
In Chibuto: a man with a broken back was healed, (his tractor accidentally rode over him when he accidentally fell off).
Also 3 ladies were healed of cancer one night resulting in the crusade meetings to go to double sessions each evening. There were so many people.
In one year I calculated that 21,000 people were born again with multiple churches planted. God’s hand was on us.

Next week I will be going back into Mozambique to “…return to visit the brethren in every city in which we proclaimed the word of the Lord, and see how they are.” Ac 15:36
I will be traveling with a Pastor from Church Unlimited in Nelspruit who has been faithful in ministering into the same areas in Mozambique.
Meetings have been set up in major locations to encourage and equip the pastors again.

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