New blog post from our daughter –

New blog post from our daughter –

New blog post from our daughter – 150 150 Keir Tayler
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Two questions

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front due to a very busy November, but also don’t want to just blog for the sake of it.

This month, I have had the incredible privilege of travelling to two continents – namely the UAE and USA. Both were so much fun and my soul felt rich with experiences, opportunities and joy! The interesting thing was that I was two questions by two different people in two different nations which really provoked my thinking.

The first question – What is your passion?

Wow! I initially thought I could rattle off a whole lot of things that I am passionate about, but this is a much deeper question which made me think A LOT! Of course, the obvious is that I am passionate about God – His word, His plans etc, and I am also passionate about my family. This person was asking rather, what makes me come alive and gives me energy. Maybe for someone who has a great talent or gifting, this is quite easy for them, but for me, not so much. I love writing, I love people but can also easily be on my own (maybe that is what happens when you have five children!)), I love my church and my family. To answer more directly of what I am passionate about hmmmm …. I honestly can say this is still mostly unanswered. I love seeing people fulfil God’s plan for their lives and seeing their potential become real and fleshed out. This is not as easy as it looks – you give it a try?!

The second question – What do you do for fun?

Fun!??? Another pause moment … I do a lot of things that I know are good for me and good for my family yet maybe are not necessarily fun! (I hope that makes sense?) So this was another deep thought moment, and so on the looonnnggg flights, and I mean llloooonnnggg flights between the USA and home, I did think a lot especially as the Charlie next to me snored for hours! So I came up with a list of things I like to do for fun (especially when finances don’t dictate!)

So for fun I like to ….

  1. I love to travel and experience new things / adventures
  2. I like to cook and bake (but not always every day!)
  3. Shop, shop and shop (I love bargains)
  4. Spend time with friends socially, talk about the silly and deep things – times where I can laugh and cry in one conversation.
  5. Be with my family – my immediate family (i.e. husband and children) and also my extended family. I am so incredible blessed to actually like and love my family on both sides! That is really such a gift and one I never take for granted
  6. I like to write, listen to music and have quiet time too (not too much of a big crowd kind of person)

So maybe, the next time you have a moment, think about these two questions as they are quite thought provoking and quite telling too!

Give it a go! I dare you …. xxx