Poland Report.

Poland Report.

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Just returned from an incredible trip to Poland. Arek, a long lasting friend (2003) invited me to be part of a Festival in Tarnow.

The week before participating in the festival I visited a number of churches in the towns of Kozienice, Teczna, Parcew and Radzyn Podlaski and then Tarnow. To see every church full beyond capacity in week day meetings was amazing. I was so excited to see people I had last seen 10yrs ago when I last traveled Poland – still worshiping God faithfully. And when I called out a few names from the pulpit they began to weep. Oh the joy of seeing them again was unexplainable.

In Tarnov Arek had a vision of inviting in rap artists, evangelists, a professional boxer champion, different gospel bands and ministers from Spain, Norway, USA, RSA and UK. In the middle of the festival there was a food & evangelistic outreach to the displaced Ukranians. Such a great response. For two weeks every day & night there was ministry: evangelism training, preaching on the streets and revival meetings at night. Different people from the community came each night as the different gifts ministered. An amazing time of expressing faith and demonstration.

The response to the gospel was so tender, tears on cheeks while preaching and total faith in the gospel afterwards for healing and salvation. As I wrote to the elders of our church while on the trip: “Something is happening in Poland, and Tarnow where we are. Every person prayed for is healed, Gods presence is tangible – it is like when I visited the Hebrides. People are driving in from the towns I have been in some 2-3hrs away. Not because of me but because of Him. I have never seen so many tears on cheeks ever. Plans and programs change regularly as Holy Spirit leads. Encourage Cornerstone … press in, never be satisfied of where we are in Him … He is everything…. and much more”.