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This November, Callie and I, travel to Poland for the 9th time to churches we have built strong friendships with.The first trip I did into Poland, was in response to what a Dutch Pastor said when I was in Holland at an elders dinner. He casually mentioned that he has some leaders in Poland who need help. I immediately responded by suggesting they set a date for them to gather. The words tumbled out of my mouth and I was a little stunned at what had just happened! Well, this is the adventure in God – just a glorious opportunity to serve our God where others won’t go. So they did – and I went.

The first meetings were filled with a powerful move of the Spirit of God. When this happens, He is confirming His word by signs, so that there may be a positive response to the message given. Since then I have had such a desire for our God to show His love to that nation – many have been healed, set free and leaders encouraged.

The last trip we did to Poland was the year our house was burnt (2011). The Polish people could not believe we would come to them with our house still not having a roof upon it. The act of coming, spoke more than we could have imagined. So we have the privilege of being asked to come again.

So our tour will take us to:
1. Swidnik: (1-3 Nov) Many leaders will be coming to these meetings hosted in Radzyn. Ps. Tomasz Manko and Piotr Jeczen. www.kchweradzyn.pl

2. Hrubiesscow: (4-5 Nov) Ps. Robert Harpenjuk.

3. Kozience: (6 Nov) Ps. Jerzy Cygan

4. Starachowice: (8 Nov) Ps. Bronislaw Bocian

5. Radom: (8-9) Ps. Krzyztof Czechowski

6. Towns ofJ11-12) Wolka Tanekwa, Staiowa Wola, and Sadomierza; hosted by Ps. Roman Grzywacz

7. Krakow: (13-18 Nov) with Ps. Wojteck and Kirsten Kukulski, who have planted a successful church.

8. These churches are part of: “The Church of Christian Evangelical Faith”, in Poland.(Kościół Chrześcijan Wiary Ewangelicznej.) These Churches are lead by Pastor Andrzej Jeziernicki; and Tomsz Manko www.christianinternational.com



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