RealXtreme Truths 2

RealXtreme Truths 2

RealXtreme Truths 2 900 600 Keir Tayler

In RealXtreme Truths 1; we looked at some pointers to measure the base line upon which our faith, power and reality of Christianity.

They are like a measuring tape, or better a thermometer checking the thermostat of our hearts. How hot are we, for truth?

Below are 16 points we can measure the temperature of our church, fellowship. chapel, home group, and Oh yes! ourselves. One thing I pursue is: “My heart burns for you – Lord … always I want it it to do so”.

Substitutes of the supernatural: What will keep us luke-warm?

  1. Traditions have replaced the Word. Mk 7:13
  2. Religion is the result of not having an experience with God.
  3. Administrators have replaced Apostles and Prophets. Rm 12:8
  4. Administration is a spiritual gift and needed in the church but does not replace the government gifts of Eph 4:11.
  5. Human ability has replaced God’s grace. 2Cor 12:9 and Jn 14:12
  6. Uninspired theology has replaced revelation.Jn 6:63
  7. Reason and logic have replaced living by faith. Rm 4:11, 18-19
  8. Intellectual education has replaced character.
  9. When reason replaces faith, intellectual education often replaces the development of personal character.
  10. Trials shape attitude which will determine altitude.Psychology* and Psychiatry* have replaced spiritual discernment. Study of soul (mind will and emotions)*,
  11. Man – Made programs have replaced the leading of the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit is more accurate, healing and direct than any science.
  12. Eloquence and Entertainment have replaced the demonstration and power.
  13. Speaking ability, topic specifics, inoffensive preaching, interesting subjects, personality – human charisma, talents – in churches have replaced the message of Jesus.
  14. When we don’t demonstrate God’s supernatural power we “entertain” people.
  15. Motivational Preaching has replaced the message of the Cross.
  16. Rigid laws and regulations have replaced love. The Galatians witnessed miracles, signs and wonders Gal 3:5 not law.

The carnal mind is based on worldly reality. A brilliant mind is good so long it is submitted to the Holy Spirit. Education trains for a job, and does not build or shape character. It is very dangerous to train people intellectually without shaping their character. Knowledge puffs up.


How to attain Spiritual Balance:

1. Power and Character:

Believers in many congregations harbor negative attitudes toward anything that borders on the supernatural, whether in the church or in the world. “I don’t believe in miracles or healing or in the power of God, because the man who performed such miracles has a terrible character”. How about Samson? David?

2. Power and Authority:

Look at Lk 10:19-20

  • The duration of the supernatural power we receive is directly proportional to the measure of rule in which we operate.
  • If you do not honor God’s authority you might be able to perform miracles, signs, wonders, but your lack of accountability and submission will begin to manifest in diminishing results, because the power will expose the flaws in your carnal nature.
  • Authority is the lawful right to exercise power and to act like God on the earth.

3. Word and the Holy Spirit:

Look at 1Jn 5:7, Joel 2:11 (ESV)

  • Preach/Teach and allow Manifestation of His presence.
  • It is possible to have an “experience” and to be deceived, but never having a genuine supernatural experience is already deception. There are two things to avoid in our relationship with the Holy Spirit:
    • Eph 4:30 Grieve or to distress, to cause to grief. How do we do this? Relates to CHARACTER. Internal.
      • Angry outbursts, wrong thoughts, criticism, judgment slanderous conversations, sinful activities, wrath, deception.
      • We impede the Holy Spirit flowing through us.
  • 1Thessal 5:19 Quench. Or extinguish or to block or drown out the source. relates to POWER. External.
    • Jn 7:38
    • Like crimping a hose pipe.

Grieving the Holy Spirit relates to character. Quenching the Holy Spirit relates to power.

4. Revival and Harvest:

Revival is the receiving of God’s power to go and gather the harvest. A ministry that performs miracles but fails to gather the harvest is not fulfilling the complete will of God.

What believers experience within the church should result in the expression from the church. We need a fire lit in the pulpit by flame-throwing-preachers. If it is not in the church it will not happen from the church.

5. Words and Actions:

Look at: Ja 1:23 Lk 24:19

The fullness of the kingdom’s power comes when words and actions are working together. Ac 1:1 Ja 2:26

Jn 14:11 Theology without works is dead knowledge.

Supernatural power without balance can destroy the user along with those around him. Yet when used in ‘peace’ (ultimate victory – the cross*) it has the power to impact nations. Peace is not as in ‘peace-time’ but from a place of peace in your heart*. Your heart is settled on truth and from that position, you are fearless – especially of man – to say what He says.