Release The Mongoose.

Release The Mongoose.

Release The Mongoose. 150 150 Keir Tayler

They walk in a supernatural power that scares the hell out of most.

Ephesians 4:11-12, is very clear for the ‘mandate of government gifts’, to equip, train, release others.

I have felt for a while the need for a clear call for Evangelists to arise in our ranks and in the local church. Where are the tent meetings, open-air power evangelism in the nations?

I once saw a mongoose kept in a pet shop. It was miserable, it was in the wrong environment, it’s potential hindered. A mongoose is born to be on the range, hunting in packs, and should they venture on a snake – well, they began to really live – they were born for this! But in the pet shop – it was out of character, potential,  and trapped. A mongoose cannot be in a pet shop – they are born snake killers. So evangelists need to be released from their  ‘pet shop mentality’, to do what they are born to do. They walk in a supernatural power that scares the hell out of most.

Evangelists are born to be wild. You cannot ‘box them in’ they cannot be ‘fenced in’, they GO pick a fight, they start churches by setting the captives free.  They are your ‘special forces’ who go where no-one wants to go. You say they cannot – they say I will! They see what you don’t see. “They please the one who enlisted them”.

Dates:  23-24 March,  Port Elizabeth

  • The expected format would – specific impartation and equipping on:
  • “What is an evangelist”?
  • “What do they do/teach?”
  • “How does the local church work with an evangelist?”
  • “How does an evangelist work with a local church(s)?”
  • “What are, and how do, the spiritual gifts function in that Govt. gift?”
  • “Evangelists and Revival?”

This would not be a sterile/clinical class-room; conference; but a living fire-filled demonstration.

We are open to travel to other cities to do the same.
I would hope that churches of other streams/flows would be invited in by the ‘hosting-church’ group.
It is time to shake our cities.

Set a date.