The Apostolic Evangelist – Revised Edition.

The Apostolic Evangelist – Revised Edition.

The Apostolic Evangelist – Revised Edition. 1170 1269 Keir Tayler


The Apostolic Evangelist Revised Edition.


“The reason for doing a second edition is to give more attention to who, what and why an evangelist is, to and from the local church.
An extra chapter is added on “Developing as an Evangelist”.

There is more  instruction on the ministry and message of an evangelist so that those who are called to be an evangelists have a clearer understanding of their mandate.
The practical instruction on doing crusades is excellent.

I wrote this because evangelists are to work in team with other 5-fold gifting ministries (Ephesian 4:11-12). Callie, my wife, and I have worked in team for over 40 years. This is book describes how an evangelist works with these ministry gifts and vice versa.

All our books are in print and available in South Africa.

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