Stand @ the Door!

Stand @ the Door!

Stand @ the Door! 150 150 Keir Tayler

The soldier stands at a door in an aircraft gazing into what he may hope to conquer.

It reminds me of where we are gazing into 2014 hoping it will be a better year than 2013.

What has this soldier not done?

In the special forces military training a soldier had to become “para-trained’ among other disciplines. This was essential as often these men would jump at 1000 feet or less, on static-line parachute.

This was for two reasons:

1. So that he could be deployed right into the combat zone, quickly.

2. Static-line parachutes were used so that the chute was guaranteed to open.

The ‘static-line’ parachute had a nylon line attached to the top of the parachute and also to a steel cable inside the aircraft. The scary thing was – the static line was only attached to the steel cable when you were about to jump … and the guy behind you had to do it!

Getting back to our picture: he is not hooked up … his static line is still on his back.

Before we jump into 2014 are we:

• Hooked up?

• Are we going to jump with joy?

• Is there purpose in your leap into 2014?

• Does someone have your back?