5 Books + 1 to come.

5 Books + 1 to come. 1600 1319 Keir Tayler

In March 2018, both Callie and I felt impressed it was time to write more books about our lives and how our Lord has been so merciful to us. This has been a rich time as I have had to spend up to 5-6hrs a day for 18 months in the word setting up the…

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The Evangelist and Evangelism.

The Evangelist and Evangelism. 1920 1276 Keir Tayler

Everybody has a view as to what an evangelist does, or how he or she ministers. 
Of the 5-fold ministry in the bible evangelists have the least recorded about them. 
The disciples wanted Jesus to stay in a city and continue what He was doing. But He said: Lk 4:43 “No, I cannot stay. I…

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