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Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire:
These are testimonies from what our Mighty Lord has done in and through local churches in Canada and the USA.
We have been hosted by churches doing at least 3 night meetings from Halifax to Victoria across Canada and in a church in Los Angeles.
We could tell you what has happened – but here is what the reports are from both church leaders and people:

“What an amazing start to our meetings building faith and understanding the power of Gods spoken word.

Matt 8:2 “And behold, a leper came to him and knelt before him, saying, ‘Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.’ V3 And Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, saying, ‘I will; be clean.’ And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.”

“The bacilli stood to attention in the arteries and veins of the human body because the creators thunder and lightening was bouncing down the tubules and the sponges and the grey matter and the muscle tensed because the creator Himself was permeating His creation because he was Lord and leprosy……. bowed…. and left” – Keir Tayler.

The power of the spoken word, people were healed, encouraged, assurance of salvation…. Jesus glorified.”

Next some wrote:

“What an outstanding equipping time with Keir and Callie Tayler over the last 4 days. We are challenged, changed and excited to reveal the Gospel of Jesus to those who need to hear the spoken word of God. Revival starts in your heart for each one to become doers of the word. People were literally healed physically and emotionally, encouraged and challenged . Salvation came to this house, the family was enlarged, extended and uplifted. Revelation of Gods word brought life. What a banquet of God goodness. All Gods people were connected to Gods word and Spirit. Thank you to great friends and part of this family. All in all Jesus was uplifted and glorified.”

“Hey Keir so many testimonies this morning from last weekend that after 40 minutes I had to stop them as I was running out of time! Told others they could share them next week. Many healing’s that were ‘completed’ through the week, God opening doors and opportunities for people. Etc. Great fruit from the weekend!”

“I met you at Red Hill in Milton a couple weeks ago. I spoke with you briefly at the end of church about an experience I had helping a friend find healing through words God had given me to give to her and how God is stirring up the gift of healing within me. How I’ve learned to hear his voice in this clear amazing way over the past few months. At the time I wasn’t aware your calling was to be a healer till I powered through your book over the last week and it has helped me so much to narrow my sights on exploring this crazy amazing gift He has bestowed upon me. I simply cannot waste it and feel such a passion to represent His heart in the lives of those that need Him. This passion will not flee, I need to feed it. I’ve been reading a lot these past few months, but God has asked me to read and absorb all I can to sharpen my mind and grow in knowledge. I’m reading the bible every day, but you mentioned at the end of your book how you began to read anything you could get your hands on that could fuel your own fire for healing. Could you possibly recommend a few books to me? I would be so grateful! I’m a busy single mom of two little ones so I want to make every moment I can count absorbing all that I can with meaningful material.”

“I was praying one night after reading your book, nearly finished, but I couldn’t finish it like I’d planned. God took over as I began to pray out loud over any part of my heart that needed his healing touch, as well as for others in my life. There was this intensity inside me and I began to shake in his presence. I’ve never felt so consumed by the Holy Spirit in my own home, just me and God, no church, no pastor. I put my hand on your book and felt power, God was showing me your book is truth and I should not doubt any part of it, that it’s all from Him. I imagine you get many emails just like this one, how could you not. Any encouragement you could pass along though I feel you already have done so much, is greatly appreciated.”

From LA:

“Tonight was a great night of worship and seeing God move in peoples lives. Keir Tayler has a powerful message of the Authority of GOD and the Power of the Name of Jesus at the Fresh Wind and Fresh Fire Seminar. It was great sharing this time with Stephanie Fremming Nathan Branch. We have such a great journey ahead!”

“Many peoples lives were changed and transformed. What a blessing!! please feel free to join me tomorrow night it will be the second night of this amazing time of intimacy with the FATHER in heaven. Doors open at 7pm Friday night!”

“Amazing 2nd Night with Keir Tayler at Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire and it was different. I heard it clearly that God wanted to touch all of us not individually but together. The first song started and then there was a stillness and calm almost silent as if God has cleared the room and it was just him and I. People began to weep and cry out to God. It was not a feeling it was a relational event of the father meeting us. Saying “I am here.” God wanted to take us deeper and he wanted to show us his love. I am was so excited when just saturating in the worship and dizzy I was continually thanking Jesus over and over again. I lost all desire other than to just surrender. I learned a very valuable lesson about faith and receiving from Keir Tayler. About why we sometimes don’t receive. Sometimes we need to place our hands in his before we ask for the gift. I learned that I need to be like a little child knowing and expecting that my father will come through. over 5 Years ago I was healed of Cancer. God’s grace was sufficient. However as I grow I know that I need to trust in my father just as I did when I was healed for the small things even. I saw my best friend of Parkinson’s disease prayed for. I saw water being poured over him. God refreshing him and I saw miracles. I don’t doubt we serve an amazing God and I do not doubt that the time is drawing nearer when this world will soon pass. It is so comforting to know of an amazing God and his plans and his love for this people. I am his people, flawed but loved, once sick now healed and that does not end the story. That is just the beginning….He has awakened inside me.

“Yes!!! I have never been so touched, so moved or encouraged as I was in these last three teachings he gave. Received so deeply that he brought me to tears all three times!!! God speaks through him in such an awesome way!!
Cripple with Parkinson disease walks without a crutch.
Many others testify to deep emotional problems being healed.”

“Tonight I am in tears and, those tears are not tears of pain but tears of JOY!

“2 Days of amazing teaching and then asking God for a healing for a friend with Parkinsons. The second night I saw a change but it was not complete or so I thought.”

“Saturday evening I meditated on this voice that calls out in the wilderness! Then an answer came I asked like Kier taught ASK GOD the question Who are you? God continued to minister to me throughout the night. I came ready to worship and with great expectation filled with the wisdom that God has been speaking to me throughout the night.”

“It was the last day Sunday that Keir Tayler would minister and just when I thought God was done we got more and more. This time Overflowing! See God and his grace is Limitless! I never expect God not to do. Because unlike man he does not tire or grow weary. In fact this time it has been as if a great water has backed up and it was intentional. This water (the power of God was held up like a dam) Trickling all over everyone and then flooded over all of us and out the windows of Gracious Living Church. I could see it when it happened. God said. I am the God of Now. I was reminded that God has said to me when writing about the event before don’t be afraid to expect your healing NOW!

Keir brought the message of both Word and Spirit Keir said something amazing “When we do not believe what God says we do not get what God has…” It was illustrated so perfectly today. With the church singing in chorus about the God of Miracles. I broke down with such Joy serving an almighty king and It was such a blessing. The mothers who were there were showered with God’s love. Many people were refreshed. I saw people who were brought or has been asked suddenly today come and then they made a life changing decision. My dear friend Sherry was prayed for her cancer…. See this stone and ripple had not finished running it course. We can continue to live in the ripple of the water when we continually believe the impossible because our God is indeed Good and he is infinite! Keir Tayler taught that we do not chase after miracles but the living word of God and out of that comes the miraculous.

Then it happened. And it all came to remembrance. I am the God of NOW also. Expect your healing now! All those who were ready to receive what God has for them got everything they asked. It was remarkable to see from the place where I worshiped. People were having answers to prayer. I looked to see if my friend was there and I did not see him there. I got slightly disheartened to think that Darryl (my friend) had left but he did not. He was sitting in a chair in the front with my daughter praying with the fire of the spirit and then came others to pray all of the Elders one by one praying and then Keir began to pray and after he prayed he grabbed his cane and then the Healing came.

Darryl Walked smoothly. He almost skipped and a great smile shown upon his face. A Smile that Darryl could not completely do for over 20 years.

Later after the service has ended his voice which is usually jumbled from the Parkinsons was crystal clear. It was a healing even greater than expected and it was and continues to grow. Like the leaves of a tree. The water, the fresh water is making it through and a great awakening I believe is coming to the city of Upland. In fact every spark has an origin and every flame has a path where it starts does not matter but what it consumes it far greater than where it started. Upland get ready because God is showing up and its not a man who will bring it but it will be be like a wind and a breeze and noone will no from which direction it came and they will speak boldly because he has empowered them to do so!

We are no Longer slaves but friends and because we are friends we have the benefits of being a friend to the father. This is what the Gospel is all about. We are part of the friends and family plan. Great benefits all we need to do is ask and receive. Then..like a floodgate the waters will come!”
keir Tayler preaching