The Arm of the Lord was laid bare.

The Arm of the Lord was laid bare.

The Arm of the Lord was laid bare. 800 800 Keir Tayler

This past week a team of us ministered into The Crossing Church in Midrand Johannesburg. Meetings ran midweek from Tuesday to Thursday. Each night two noted apostolic gifts ministered into the church as lead by the Holy Spirit. The speakers flowed in the Power of the Holy Spirit supernaturally saying what our God wants to say.

Whenever revival is spoken of in the Old Testament, the words “the arm of the Lord” is mentioned. Well the hand is at one end of an arm. John the Baptist and Jesus said, “the Kingdom of God is at hand”. (Five fingers/5-fold ministry gripping the church and leading it on.) Sometime we take it as ‘being present’ or ‘is now’. The first gift Jesus gave to the church was – the 5 fold ministry. So we took a chance and did something different and that is having meetings with these gifts ministering to the church and  … Gods presence was powerful.

Each night the ‘crowd’ grew. Each night different people came and some returning with new people. Many people were saved and ministered to by the church members. A great expectation grew and excitment as God truely visited His people.

We will be doing this again in Capetown and Port Elizabeth.