The Combine to Harvest. Part 2

The Combine to Harvest. Part 2

The Combine to Harvest. Part 2 4032 2438 Keir Tayler

I set about this at this ‘crusade’ – hence the plan given. I knew something was changing. To be on that same field where Jesus and the Holy Spirit had been before. I knew about T.L.Osborn – I had his book in my study at home and devoured his teachings. Not only that I read of his conquests around the world. He was the originator of “open-air power evangelism”.
I preached on the following truths:
Night 1: ‘Jesus: Saviour + Healer’ – Mark 2:1-12
Night 2: ‘Faith for Healing the Sick’ – John 4:46-54
Night 3: ‘I will – be clean’ – Mark 1:40-43
Night 4: ‘His Presence – Revival’ – 2 Chronicles 7:1
Night 5: ‘Jubilee’ – Luke 4:18-20
Ten churches got together to put this crusade into action. The administration was absolutely outstanding. There was exceptional crowd control, and an atmosphere of expectancy was evident. During the five Nights of open air, power evangelism, the crowd grew from the first night, with an estimated 7,000 – 11,000 people coming. On the first and fourth night we had trouble with the lights and so the crowds were affected. Salvations were abundant every night – the largest group responding was the first, with about 600 coming for salvation.

Listed below are some of the recorded miracles and healings.

Night 1: (30th July, 2013), Words of Knowledge

I felt to tell the crowd what God was saying to them. This has a great effect in raising the level of faith in people when demonstrated in accuracy in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. In giving words of knowledge in large crowds, you have to be sure that some (if not, many) will respond. You can’t miss it. With this in mind, I knew that it could ‘make or break’ a meeting.

I diligently sought our Lord about this, and above all wanted them to know how much He loved them by demonstrating His love to them. I was ‘the mail man’, delivering His will from heaven. So I asked the Lord to give me very specific words to show or prove who He is; to honour Him in front of them, so that they could trust His word I bring.
“There are two people here tonight who have been involved in separate motor accidents. Some people were involved in a car accident in this town and others come from another town – you are both still suffering the consequences of the accidents. One of you, that was in the accident in this town (Kinshasa) was hurt, along with all the people in the vehicle you were in. You have a lame right arm and are unable to raise it above your belt on your waist. The muscles in your shoulder are severely damaged and torn, and some are missing. You are a man, wearing a red shirt. You are about 30 years old. Come and be healed now.

“The other is a woman who suffered injury a year ago in the accident north of Kinshasa. The accident involved a bus, and I think you were the least injured. It was a military bus, you were sitting in the back of it when it crashed. It was raining and you were travelling on a muddy road, down a hill. All passengers in the bus were killed, you remained alive, but suffer heartbreak from having lost your husband. He was a soldier. Your spine and hips are affected by the accident; they are frozen you are unable to move freely from the lower back and hips. You are lame you find it hard to walk, and you live alone and in much sorrow. Come, and believe the word, and believe that God is able to heal all who believe in Him. He is your Healer tonight, you only have to believe. Come, Jesus is your great physician”.

Two people came forward: a woman and a man.

The woman was from Goma (DRC), and her husband was a soldier who had been killed in war. She was in a bus accident, and all the passengers in front of her suffered fatalities. She hurt her pelvis and femur bones (in her legs) – they were stiff, unable to move freely. This caused her to walk in a stiff manner and restricted her from bending at the waist. She was healed, and showed us by moving freely, and exalted the Lord with joy. The crowd was explosive.

The man was in an accident there in Kinshasa. He sat at the back of the bus and told us that all in front of him were severely hurt. All he could see was red (blood). His arm was broken in two places, his shoulder had half the muscles torn off the joints. When he took his shirt off, we could see the scarring, and emaciated shoulder. He could not move his arm above his waist. He was asked to move his arm more than he ever was able to – he did, then we asked him to lift his arm in thanks to the Lord for healing – he did, and was so surprised. Then he was able to totally move it above his head and rotate it about his shoulder. His healing was complete.

There was so much joy and amazement in the massive crowd. People began to clap, shout, and some lifted their arms to the sky, shouting out praise. As a result, many were healed as they put their faith in Jesus. That is one of the effects of the gift of the Spirit, operating to set captives free as they have faith in God.

Observation: In moving in the word of knowledge, one has to be very specific when it comes to large crowds. Seek the Lord for definition and specifics, more than just general assumptions – because generally one can’t go wrong with a huge crowd. My passion was to seek Him for His tender love for the people by being as accurate as possible.

Night 2: (31 July, 2013)
That night I called those who had lumps on their necks to come forward for healing – about 8 came. One lady had a lump on her neck – that could not allow her to look down. Two nights later she came up again for prayer (for the broken-hearted), and one of the councillors recognised her. She no longer had the lump – she was totally healed. Cripples ran free from disabilities.

In every case, we made sure that the evidence of healing was seen and demonstrated by the people receiving their healing., so that the crowd had evidence.
Jesus asked of the sick: “Do you believe I am able to do this?” and “What do you want me to do for you?”
In ministering to the sick, their faith must be assessed. They are to trust and believe in what God has said as well as have enough faith to be able to act on their faith toward total healing. In doing this, it is not ‘showmanship’ or elevating the preacher, but giving God the glory. For someone to be healed, the Kingdom of God must be upon him. This builds faith in people and causes them to believe in a living, loving, powerful God. They will listen different and expect more as in Ac 8:6 “The crowds were united in their desire to understand Philip’s message. They not only listened with their ears, but they witnessed miraculous signs with their eyes.” (Voice Bible)

Night 3: (1 August, 2013)

Many believed in the message with salvation and healing. About 150 people were healed at once. There were problems with crowd control, as each night expectancy grew and a desperation for the supernatural power of God grew with it. People were sitting on windows in buildings across the street and on fences.

Night 4: (2 August, 2013)

Five consecutive deaf people are healed, and can hear. One believing triggered the rest. Cripples were healed. I distinctly remember a tumour disappearing off a man’s neck. As I unbuttoned the young man’s shirt, because I wanted to ‘lay my hand’ upon the tumour, Jack Tsaoi (a friend and pastor) was standing behind him, and saw the tumour go down before I laid my hand on it. As I felt for the tumour, I was surprised and said to the man, “There is no tumour, I can’t find it.” So he began to feel his neck and also could not find the tumour. God had healed him instantly.
A cripple who had no feeling in one leg, from his thigh down, and could not move his leg, was healed. He demonstrated his excitement by jumping up and down, as the feeling returned to his leg. I asked him to come up on the platform, and he gave his testimony and proceeded to demonstrate the healing by doing a number of karate kicks.

Night 5: (3 August, 2013)

I spoke on revival, I asked if people could come to the front at anytime to be in His presence. I preached and people started to come. By the end of the preach, there was a heavy presence of God, as people began to pray, worship, repent, cry out to God, and just be silent all at once. The whole area was immersed in noise as people were being touched by the Holy Spirit. Many were ministered to, by Him and not man.

Two young people came up for healing whilst we were praying for the blind and deaf. One was short sighted and had been tested in the crowd by Tredon (a pastor). He checked the girl’s ability to see by asking her how many fingers were being shown, and every time she was right in her response. She was asked to look at man with a white shirt at a distance of 70m; and asked to describe the man to him. She did, and said he was also wearing a yellow tie – something that could only be distinctly seen with perfect vision.
One girl I could see was deeply touched by the Holy Spirit, and was touching her ear with a tissue. I called her up on the platform to share her healing. She testified through tears, “This is my first night to the crusade, my mother told me to come. I have had pain in my ear and neck for many years. I came forward for healing and while Keir was praying, I felt something pop and something started to come out of my ear, and then I could hear, I can hear perfectly well.” We tested her on the platform and she was truly healed.

I could visibly see the anointing on those wanting healing, heavily standing and weeping. A real, tangible presence of God was felt.”

Each night two of the pastors talked to the crowd about their church, its position and meeting times. The ten churches swelled with new converts

Apostolic Evangelism is when more than one of the five-fold gift work together. Apostolic team – Teaming in Action. 4 meetings a day – 4 government gifts working together, to plant, build and equip the saints …. all at once.
“Sword Oil & Fire”; a new book I have written – talks of this in greater detail.