The Dawn of 2020.

The Dawn of 2020.

The Dawn of 2020. 798 853 Keir Tayler

My Dad would walk into my bedroom when I was a young boy, and would say to me whilst drawing back the curtains from the windows:  “The fingers of the pale – faced dawn arises in the East and brushes aside the cold webs of darkness to reveal a new day … come on son – it is time to arise and face your day”. I remember it so well.

‘Come on son – it is time to arise and face your day’.  Not ‘the day’ but ‘your day’. Distinctly different.

It is what you make it – a new opportunity.

For us 2020 is already marked as a year of potential revival.

Consider this:

In John 4:1 “When therefore the Lord knew that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John (although Jesus himself baptized not, but His disciples), he left Judea, and departed again into Galilee”. Jesus had more disciples than John, yet He did not baptize them. Who did? Answer; disciples did. That means Jesus endorsed, practised and taught what John did instantly and released His disciples into DOING what they knew.

They walked in their revelation – that is why the people grew in number so radically fast – ‘church growth deluxe’.

Here is a thought: Peters boat became Jesus’s platform for a day and the result was fish-unlimited. Peters occupation became Jesus platform. Boat – represents how you make a living, like Peter did – but is it His platform? Maybe the boat – your profession, is not about your production so much as a platform to proclaim Jesus. For a moment it was not so much about fishing for Peter, but about offering his profession as a platform or vehicle for Jesus.
Your business could be likened to the boat, but you do not see the boat as a platform. “We fished all night and caught nothing” – we have been in business all month and no profit … But when Jesus stepped in and said, go deeper, cast your nets on the other side … then?

Peter only washed his nets because he had only seen the boats in the capacity of its history.
You have a boat and if you see it as business, you may have the profit, and not the purpose. If you could see Him using the platform then He would have a better reason to bless the business. If you have seen what others have not seen you can do what others have not done. When you only see your life from what you have done in the past you can’t see what you could do in the future.
Your vision can limit its expression.
If God is an investor what is His return on you?

Peter fished in the dark … the Pharisees only did church in the dark not in the light of revelation and revealing truth to the lost. Peter only fished in the dark yes … but when Jesus stepped onto Peters boat, everything happened. A greater catch of fish, a greater financial profit margin, company expansion (come help us), a new revelation in capacity not history, a breakig of profession dynamics.

A whole new dawn; the cold cobwebs of an unproductive night were brushed aside by the fingers of a new dawn.

With these thoughts, Callie and I are investing, time, talent and treasure into winning the lost more than ever. How? By specific ministry times in churches, in the field & practically in crusades.

2020 is a new dawn as we are empowering, equipping saints into an encounter with Jesus to win the lost. We have a good understanding of Eph 4:11; now it is Eph 4:12.

See our calendar – more impartation and open-air power evangelism campaigns. You are invited.