The gospel of Ruth – part 4

The gospel of Ruth – part 4

The gospel of Ruth – part 4 150 150 Keir Tayler

A look at Naomi’s life:

A look in the past:

  1. In Moab – sin bitterness, and death of family.
  2. In Moab – not the will of God but in a place of pursuing the desires of the flesh.
  3. 3 graves were left behind. Jn 10:10; Jn 3:19; Jn 1: 4 – choice is Light and life or darkness and death.
  4. She had strayed from the God of the Covenant.
  5. Yet in all the pain; she followed her husband, and lost him!

A look at her present:

  1. Ru 1:22 – “This was bitter for me – this is better for me”
  2. God is preparing a way.
  3. Although she did not know the future holds, she knows who holds the future.
  4. Wherever I take you, I have gone before; and wherever I lead you, I have already been, and whatever you experience I have prepared what you need.
  5. When you come to his fields there will be enough to spare.

Her future:

  1. Ru 2:1 Meet the kinsman – Boaz (a redeemer).
  2. Through Ruthe she becomes aware of an opportunity of deliverance, and joy. Wise council to Ruth will produce joy.
  3. As in the pools of Marah in the wilderness, when the cross (wood) is placed – it becomes sweet. The water of sadness become the wine of salvation.

Next will be the Gleaning.