The Gospel in Ruth.

The Gospel in Ruth.

The Gospel in Ruth. 640 480 Keir Tayler

The book of Ruth is so rich in the gospel message. It consists of four chapters; which occur after Judges and highlights the life of man at the time. As it says: “When Judges ruled…there was no king in the land … every man did what was right in his eyes”. It is story about a family at the time of famine.

The famine here was climatic and natural, yet for us it is a lesson about our spiritual lives and the importance of walking with God.

For Chapters: Weeping, Working, Waiting, Wedding.

The books of Esther and Ruth have one theme in common:God preserving His own people and church in the world.

Esther                                                                 Ruth

  • Queen                                                 Peasant
  • Jewess married a gentile                  Gentile married a Jew
  • Opens with a feast                            Opens with a famine
  • Closes with a hanging                       Closes with a wedding

Some thoughts on Chapter 1

  1. Famine in Bethlehem-Judah. (Bethlehem – ‘house of bread’)
  2. In Joel 1:10 famine of grain wine and oil
  3. Famine can come two ways – natural or spiritual.
  4. In Joel 2:1 speaks of sounding an alarm in Zion (church) – the gospel alarm of His coming again.
  5. Famine can cause one to make wrong decisions.
  6. Land of Bethlehem vs 1;  and country of Moab vs 1.
  7. Land – refers to the whole earth. Country refers to an allotted portion of territory.
  8. Famine in the vast land of Judah so they went to the limited country of Moab.
  9. Problem was not lack of bread but the right relationship with God.
  10. Ps 106:14-15 “a leaness in their soul”.
  11. Elimileck – name means: “My God is King”; he did not live his name.

When a man moves away from the path of God’s truth and God’s will, he is on the road to famine.

More to come…!