The last leg …

The last leg …

The last leg … 150 150 Keir Tayler

Warrington is where we will minister for a few days. It’s been a very busy time and we have ministered just about every day during the week and weekend except when we are traveling (which we have done a lot of). It has all been worth it as we have seen and felt the presence of God in all the meetings. In Nordhorn, and Enter (in Holland), we had great meetings during the week. The leadership teams in both churches and others came in for these meetings. We left on the Friday and travelled by train to Bielefeld where we met the elders for dinner in the evening, then did two sessions on Saturday morning. We prayed for the sick and for salvations. Sunday in the church was great with many people coming for healing and responding to Salvation. We remember 4 Muslims came forward wanting to really know The Lord of All. We left very early Monday morning to fly to Edinburgh arriving in the evening. We stayed with some dear friends in Motherwell which is about an hour out of Edinburgh. Here we were able to rest for two days. On Thursday Keir went through to Edinburgh , leaving at 6 am, to meet with some pastors in Edinburgh and pray with them. That evening we celebrated American Thanksgiving with our friends who are American. It was so wonderful to pause in the business of life and be grateful and thankful to God for all He has done in, to and through us all. We started meetings on Friday morning @3CI, (Edinburgh), with two sessions on equipping for evangelism and an evening session on Divine Healing with demonstration. Saturday was the same three sessions then late that night we went by car to Blairgowrie. Three churches combined in the AOG church. Keir ministered powerfully and many people with back, leg, neck, oppression etc were set free. We feel so greatly privileged when we see God by His Spirit move with compassion amongst His people and set them free from the things that bind them. Then back to Edinburgh where we travelled for the final meeting there, where Keir ministered on “The fire of God”. There was weeping as people came to the front in total submission to God. Not my will but THINE.

So now we move to the second-last part of our journey where we have midweek meetings in Northwich and then to St Neots for a full weekend. We leave London via Dubai on Tues so will be home on Wed. I must say we look forward to some family time and rest. Ps 105:1-3 echoes forth from this trip where Heb 13:8 is a ‘now day’ fact.

Soon we will be back in South Africa – there is no place like home but we are so incredibly blessed to be apart of what God has done and will continue to do in these nations. All Glory to our King!

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