The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith

The Prayer of Faith 670 502 Keir Tayler

Praying for the sick to recieve Divine Health is a tender and holy moment. It is when the person is agreeing with God’s word with all they have. It is therefore essential that the minister reveals God’s will, purpose, power and plan for man.

Every minister who has had massive influence and success in healing the sick has made one essential decision concerning disease and sickness. It originates with the devil. Sickness is not in heaven, did not originate in or from heaven and will never be found there. God cannot give what He has not got. Paul’s says 3Jn 2 “beloved, I pray that all may be well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.” Both body (healing) and Soul (salvation) are linked here and is called; “being in good health”.

Ja 5;14 talks of anyone sick – call for the elders – who will offer up the ‘prayer of Faith”, and if you have sinned – confess them. Here again is the dual effect of the cross – salvation and healing are Divine twins!

So here are some helps to praying for the sick:

  1. Deal with disease as if you are dealing with the devil himself.
  2. Some are healed instantly and some gradually. If they have  been receptive as you prayed for them, they have only to hold on in faith and continue to praise God on the authority of His word and the symptoms will surely fade.
  3. Feelings follow faith, not precede faith.
  4. Every sick person must get right with God in their souls.
  5. Do not preach theories but uphold a living Christ, RECEIVING all truth and being honest in your heart toward Him. Clear instruction precedes definite demonstration or manifestation.
  6. Stay away from diverse discussions and only speak truth in love. “What if’s have never healed”. “What is” – does.
  7. Healing is in the Atonement. Accept this truth, apply this truth and you will see the results of this truth.
  8. Rebuke disease and demons with Godly authority. Do so in no uncertain manner.
  9. Special miracles should be common. Ac 19:12
  10. Compassion is the riverbed of the supernatural, faith and hope are its banks.

As Dr. Roy Hicks says: the prayer of faith says: “I vow as God has vowed the sick shall be healed”.