The Way of God’s Healing.

The Way of God’s Healing.

The Way of God’s Healing. 420 313 Keir Tayler

Do you know God’s way of Healing?

Leaves of Healing August 31, 1894

It is written, “A little child shall lead them,” (Isaiah 11:6) so we place this little boy in front of our American Witnesses.
Here he stands with a happy smile on his earnest little face, holding his crutches in his right hand and the steel brace which he wore so long in his left, with the high-heeled boot at his feet. He is now ten years old and was healed instantaneously in March last. He gave his testimony publicly with his mother in the Central Music Hall on Lord’s Day, April 15th, before thousands of witnesses and has given it repeatedly in the Tabernacle since.
His leg was completely paralyzed besides being diseased very seriously at the hip joint. He could not walk a single step without his crutches and boot and brace. He had to sleep in that heavy steel brace and wore it with other things of the same kind for no less than six and a half years out of his short life. He was under the treatment of many doctors in the city and was for a long time in bed.
He had heard of many who had been healed through faith in Jesus and so he came to church accompanied by his sister. During last winter he attended many of the meetings and one day God’s Spirit convinced him that he was a sinner needing a Saviour. We can never forget how he came up to the platform on his crutches with those that were seeking Salvation. He could not kneel, and so he laid down his crutches and stretched himself at full length on the platform and looked up into our face saying, “Oh Doctor, pray for me. I am a great sinner.” The tears were running down his face and his heart was full of penitence for his many sins. We led him to Jesus, (1) and God gave him the Witness of his Holy Spirit in his heart that he was forgiven. So he went away that day a very happy little boy. The following week he came back with his mother who told us that her little boy was full of faith and believed God would heal him (2) for Jesus’ sake when I prayed for him. We took them into our room where she removed his brace and boot, and then we prayed for him in Jesus’ name (3) and laid our hands upon the poor withered little leg (4) and gently pulled it down (5). What was his mother’s joy and his to find that all pain had departed, that his leg was strengthened, and that he could easily stand upon it and walk up and down the floor without either crutch or brace or boot. (7)
After we had tested him thoroughly and had praised God, he went away leaving his brace and crutches in the room and the next day came back with a new pair of boots on his feet walking exactly even, just as he is seen standing in this picture. He is now a bright, happy boy, running about, leaping and jumping.

The principal of that school, and the teacher of his class, with hundreds of his fellow scholars and neighbors have testified to his healing.There is no happier widowed mother in this city, nor any brighter, sweeter little Christian boy, so far as we know, than little Willie Esser.

I have put in points 1-7 to show the stages or the way of salvation and healing.

1. Salvation. 2. Faith comes by hearing Gods word. 3. Prayer of faith. 4. Laying on of hands. 5. Faith and action. 6. The boy responded in faith. 7. Healing manifestation