The Word of Knowledge

The Word of Knowledge

The Word of Knowledge 1000 756 Keir Tayler

The Spiritual gift of the word of knowledge is certain facts in the mind of God, which He sees fit to reveal to a servant supernaturally by His Spirit.

  • It is only a “word,” or a portion of God’s great storehouse of knowledge.
  • God speaks in divers manners, such as dreams, visions, revelation, or in audible voice.
  • It is always conveyed supernaturally as any other gift.
  • This gift can tell the whereabouts, conditions, nature, or thoughts of a person, animal, place, or thing even when it is impossible to learn it in the natural.
  • It is different from the Spiritual gift of faith in that it lets you know things even when you did not pray for them.
  • The Spiritual gift of faith deals with things “not yet come to pass,” else it would not be faith.
  • It is not a vocal gift, as it makes you to know and not to speak.
  • It is not discerning of spirits, as it has nothing to do with a supernatural spirit.


It helps one, to look into the heart, mind, or nature of a man and to know his secrets and intentions. It has helped people find lost articles, but its main purpose is to find lost souls.

This gift ( a revelation gift) operates in partnership with the Gifts of Healing (a power gift).