There is a Sound…

There is a Sound…

There is a Sound… 2560 2044 Keir Tayler

Acts 2:2 “Suddenly a sound like a the rushing of a violent wind came from heaven ….”

Before , fire, room filled and speaking in tongues there was a SOUND. A sound of change and the presence of God.

We are experiencing this in Cornerstone church as a six week Sunday evening meeting is set up to Equip and Empower for Encouter with the Holy Spirit to Evangelize, to be My witness’s. Each evening a specific Spirit – led message is given with demonstration and manifestation of His presence.

Here is what they say:

Incredible time, God’s presence is tangible in the building. Receiving the Holy Spirit  and then praying for others to receive the Holy Spirit is amazing. So many people experienced it for the first time. People were glowing with ‘His light’ last night.
To encourage everyone, if you have never heard the message you need to come on Sundays evenings. There is an incredible anointing with such authority because it is totally led by the Holy Spirit. There are times when you are so fixated that it seems as if he is talking to you only.
Don’t waste this opportunity.
God wants to do some work with us.
‘ …. we should be hungry and desperate for the Holy Spirit, …. we should be first to be there. I can testify of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the last two meetings I have attended and I encourage all to make time to come this coming Sunday. I can’t seem to have enough and want more of the Holy Spirit …”
“… Gods presences was definitely Tangible. There is such a overwhelming Grace and love. If I could in one word I could say it was like a sense of Euphoria. Definition: a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.”
“… I was overwhelmed both nights because it started off as if he was going to explode. …. so full of the Holy Spirit and KNOWS what the Spirit wants to do in Cornerstone, ….”
Then a quiet calm took over the meeting and it ended that way. The amazing thing was that the elders came to pray for individuals, he did not do it all himself, and people fell down like ten pin bowls. Even the aisles had people lying in them.
If you never come to another meeting at Cornerstone after this series, please for your own growth and best interest come the next three Sunday nights. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t find every excuse why you can’t be there. It lasts just over an hour and a half….”
From another site church:
“We had 3 amazing meetings at CKP and everyone that attended the  CBFV meeting last night and surrendered to the work of the Holy Spirit will never be the same again.
It was such a blessing to see the hunger of some of our people to get serious with God and to allow Him to work in their lives .
One of the CKP saints,  ( could not walk without her walker  ) who was  prayed for on Saturday arrived at church on Sunday without her  walker and she was now able to climb up and down the steps… unassisted.
During ministry time on Sunday , she was praying fervently for the sick and she will now join a hosting team …. one brief moment in the presence of God and she changed from a patient to a warrior …. WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD .
This should be the norm during  our meetings as we allow time for God to manifest His Grace and Power .
It is such a blessing to see former ultra conservative people desperately wanting more and more of God’s presence .
And then…there are ” old dogs ” like Uncle  Barrie who  cannot get enough of  the presence of the Living God ….AWESOME.
Can life be better ? ….”
“… To be touched by Holy Spirit is something I don’t think I could explain in words. He is so mighty and wonderful … we have no idea.
I couldn’t think of anything better to do on a Sunday night than to have an encounter with this awesome person being the Holy Spirit and this should not be a one time event for us on a Sunday night but should be our usual everyday life with Him.
I also encourage you to come but don’t come for the momentary feeling come to be in the presence of God and for a shift in your walk with Christ that will cause change ….”
We are half way through the series. Come if you can or go to