Touching Nations.

Touching Nations.

Touching Nations. 259 194 Keir Tayler

We have just returned from an apostolic ministry trip to a nation. Below is the reports we sent back to our home base church (Cornerstone Church in Bedfordview Johannesburg) to our elders.

This is an mini – outline of what God did over a period of 10 days in two different churches. The meetings were spanning 4 evenings; men, women and youth meetings, at other times.

1st Report:
Well we have been in Doha Fellowship since Thursday. We landed and started meetings that night. The church has a congregation of approximately 1500 people with 60 different nationalities. It is such an amazing privilege to minister to all these different nations under one roof. Many people responded to the call for salvation and of course healing.  The youth on Friday night was about 30 – 40 strong and these youngsters were all baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues. All of them were overtaken by the power of God many falling under His presence upon them. They were weeping and and speaking in tongues. What an awesome presence of God in the room if 15/16 year old.
This morning was a men’s breakfast and many men were filled with the Spirit of God speaking in tongues. The men numbered 250 of which about 80 were filled with the Holy Spirit. There were many salvation’s.

2nd Report:
We have finished the first part of our trip today and are at a new location with family in Doha for the rest of the stay.
It has been an amazing time and thanks to the team they have prepared the folk for our visit so well.
In every meeting – the power of the Lord was present…more on the floor than seated.
Today we heard of a lady from UK coming in over the weekend to see her family and came to the meeting on Friday (as a visitor). She came up to ask a question. She had a cane, and walker and wore very thick glasses. She flew home to the UK this week, with no wheelchair/walker and no cane, and she did not have to wear her glasses. I think her question was answered! Her daughter who had partial hearing was able to hear perfectly. They did not expect that at all.
This evening our host reminded me of a meeting I spoke at 4 yrs ago … a man came up asking a similar question about healing because he could not talk properly. He had throat cancer. After prayer he went home. He was not healed immediately, but the next morning while brushing his teeth he began to cough hard. Finally he spat out a ball of dark flesh. He was able to begin to speak. So he took the ball of flesh to his doctor who had it analysed, and said it was a tumor. He examined his throat and he was totally clear of any obstruction and cancer.
It is truly amazing how merciful our magnificent Lord is.
We have literally ministered to 60 nations in one location (ex pats from many nations) in 5 days. This is an ‘Antioch Phenomena’. Such a rich harvest field … it really touched our hearts deeply.

One gent came to the meeting on the first night believing his shoulder (damaged in a vehicle accident) would be healed: He said as I quoted ‘…He sent His word and healed them’ … he felt heat go into his shoulder and it was immediately healed. Through the word of knowledge that The Lord wanted to heal those who have lack of movement in the right shoulder – he came up. He said: “No! No! I don’t need prayer I am already healed! Look!”
He fell onto his face on the floor in front of the whole church and immediately started doing press-ups. Jumped to his feet and violently swung his arm around in circles. He was so excited. As a result of his open, raw faith everyone else in the line for prayer was instantly healed.

Some of the meetings were live-streamed into homes and many people came as a result of this as first time visitors. Many left changed.
The time spent here has been supernatural, and we have made so many new friends. The leadership teams of these two churches are pioneers and are amazing servants to the churches here. We had an ‘open-handed’ time to release such as we have.
There are so many reports coming in from people, they are written reports, and we hope to have a copy soon.
We return home this week, truly overwhelmed at what God has done.
The leadership in both churches prepared their congregations well to receive what we had to give.
All honour Glory and power be to the Lord Jesus Christ. We happened to be there.