Two words that will change your life.

Two words that will change your life.

Two words that will change your life. 1000 756 Keir Tayler

We spent time in USA with our son in law and youngest daughter and family: Peter, Lisa, Amy and Katie Haynes. They are currently finishing up 2nd year at Bethel in Redding. They have given everything for this calling; and are preparing themselves for the future in service for the Lord.
It is amazing that we did the same in 1980-1982: we sold all and travelled to the Dallas Texas to enroll in CFNI for two years. Fresh out of the war in Zimbabwe with our two children Jenny and Simon. (Lisa was born later). Our support was a promise of $100Zim. a month. That was all! Yet God supplied. Looking back on those times, Callie and I often wonder – how did it all happen? Then with a smile on our faces … we know.
Peter and Lisa, have done it too!
They will be returning to do a final year beginning in August 2015. Again trusting for financial support. It is with these memories that I have, I thought to share this with you:

Two Words: changed our lives! 

We have done 38 years of “full-time”, ministry and we still trust God for our daily support and work.
One comes to know that God is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. (Heb 11:6)
As Callie and I have travelled and planned countless crusades, international trips; we are still doing this in faith – not looking at the bank balance but at the unsaved people, and nations yet to hear the gospel. “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and…”
There have been times when we have had $40…that is literally all. We gave 50% away, and went out and ate the rest at a Hamburger Joint. Irresponsible? No – ‘do or die faith’.

What are these two words?! 

In the Bible, there is only one time when God ever called on His people to “PROVE Him”. And that concerned their money.
God says: “Prove Me now”. Mal 3:10
God’s supply and our need, comes into focus.
In the Great Commission – some would go and others would send.
People are His agents.
People like you and me are involved.
God chooses to use people.
Mal 3:10 talks about buildings and business.
Mal 3:11 talks about farms, projects.
City and the field! Church and Missions.
Both have to do with a “seed” and “fruits”.
The only time God ever asked us to put Him to the test was with our money.

When I discovered this – I was amazed, humbled and excited.

Money-carnal and God-spiritual. 

What I had learned about money was what I had learned from religious people around me; that it was evil, that I was to never desire it, be aware of it, and always be poor.
But God said, “Prove Me, Prove Me now”.
I saw money as God saw it.
Money represents life!
When you are paid a salary, that money represents the period of your life it took to earn it. You will never live that part of your life again. You will never earn that particular money again. Your salary represents a portion of your life, in the form of currency.
That is why your money is valued next to your life itself. It is your most treasured material possession. You instinctively guard it more than anything else, except your life.
Jesus said, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”.

God is saying: If you trust me with your money, you will trust me with your life. ‘When you entrust your money into my hands, you are proving that you will trust me with your soul.’
God is asking to be put to the test – not you.

What you do with your money is what you do with your life.
What you really believe in is proven by where you put your money. Mt 6:21

When will put your money in Gods work you put your heart into His work.
You may never get there/go there but somebody will/has.
God has so connected His word, heart and time/life with a means of material to measure  devotion, commitment and passion.
Farmers take seed, the ‘immature currency of fruit’ and sow it – in faith. God is proven to be true – fruit. Its all around us in nature!

We have kept three things as priority with these two words, “Prove Me”.
1. Never be in debt. Go settle debts first.
2. Always tithe faithfully first to your local church. If you don’t have one-find one!
3. Give/sow to those who are winning souls over and above your tithe.
4. Do this with a joyful heart, in worship to the Lord Jesus Christ.
(2Cor 9:8-11 NT version of Prove me)