What brings a ministry to a close?

What brings a ministry to a close?

What brings a ministry to a close? 526 789 Keir Tayler

What causes great ministries of the past to fade?

I believe there’s a Bible principle involved. No matter who we are, if we don’t relate to the principles of truth, we pay for it. We either fall on it and break in repentance, or it falls on us and breaks us in judgment.
The measure of faith Paul talks about in Romans 12 where he says, “to each man is given a measure of faith . . . he that prophesieth, let him prophecy according to the measure of faith,” indicates that we all have been given a grace gift. But we must walk within the confines of our gift. For instance, if a miracle worker, who may be used mightily in working miracles, steps over the boundaries of that gift and presumes, to be a prophet when God has not called him to prophecy, then he is violating the rule of walking within his grace.

What we can learn from the possible causes of a fading ministry?

That’s an excellent question.
1. I think we need to learn out of it the absolutely mandatory nature of the principle of plurality.  No man, no matter how gifted, can afford to be isolated or violate plurality and walk alone.
2. I would say stay in your calling or gift, and not making use of whatever accrues to you from that gift to get into other areas.
3. The need of having responsible community to receive the fruits of this kind of evangelistic ministry. If the converts are not brought into a New Testament biblical community or church, they become followers of a man who cannot develop them into maturity.
4. Man does not live by miracles alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Miracles and signs and wonders are not food. They are signs to tell you where the food is. If you try to live on the signs, or testimonies of ‘performance’ you get unbalanced nutrition.

There can be many other reasons. All ministry is not about you, or your giftings; it is to win souls and bring the glory to God. You are a son or daughter first, not a performer. The Trinity is more interested in you than what you do.